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Can you use the regular makefile generator and build with make?

I checked sdl2 source code and no changes suggest changes in these particular flags that are specifically MacOS related as far as I can tell.

To clarify, if this is a bug and not something wrong in the environment it needs to be reported upstream, but I was able to load a Monterrey computer and build with CMake+make, which is why I asked.

I want to add what CrashPL describes up to before the codesign+notarization directly in AGS Editor at some point soon, by I lack an actual Mac computer with M1 to test (they are really really expensive in my country). The codesign+notarization then is left as an exercise for the reader - I mean, we probably could make a tool to just do those commands, erh, maybe.

Hi, is it possible to create a mac version of my game on Windows?

Edit: Forget the question. My friend will use Wine.


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