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Re: ATTN Plugin Authors: Gathering plugin sources
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I would like to try to update AGS to latest version of Allegro (4.4), and ideally without need to patch the library.

Currently CJ's changes to Allegro include retrieval of otherwise hidden DirectSound, DirectInput and DirectDraw interfaces, that can be given to plugins (via AGS plugin interface).
Thing is that all of those are non-portable.

I am very interested to know are there plugins that use these. I know that old Flashlight and Rain/Snow plugins rely on DirectDraw interface, but we have portable rewrites of those (and modules as alternative solution).

What about DirectSound and DirectInput? Are there plugins that require them?
Looking at the plugin list I made in the beginning of this thread, I would probably suspect Joy plugin by WyZ and Wii Remote Control plugin, but there is no way telling for sure. I need to find that out somehow.
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Re: ATTN Plugin Authors: Gathering plugin sources
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Hmm, the released joystick plugin uses winmm; I was working on a new version that uses directX, but I open a new interface there. Partly also because I want it to be cross-platform, so I had to make an abstraction layer anyways.
The other plugins I've released don't use the interfaces I believe. I was working on a screensaver plugin a while back that uses the direct draw interface, but that is unreleased and also very hacky :D. Access to the directX interfaces is nice and efficient for e.g. drawing but not cross-platform so I've been trying to work around it. :)
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Re: ATTN Plugin Authors: Gathering plugin sources
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Sorry for the necro, as you know I've coded a plugin yay, I'd like to share it's code - some of it is kind of hard coded (I can't seem to figure out a way not to have it so), so I'm not sure it's gonna be useful to others - to make it portable, is there a way I can ensure that on my own? Again, I don't mind sharing it at all.
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