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Perelman [Update: Walkthrough available]
« on: 22 Feb 2013, 12:21 »
Hello together,

finally my first game is ready to download! Thank you to all you guys who take part in the AGS Forums - for a beginner like me this is just an amazing documentation!

The game is a first-person-adventure called Perelman and dedicated to the Russian mathematician of the same name. The game is short and takes about 25-30 minutes to finish.

It is just an ordinary day at your office. In order to relax you begin to chat with a friend of yours, as suddenly the adventure begins...

A stranger turns up and asks you for help so you have to decide whether to trust him or not.

You will have to solve puzzles and follow his leads. But are you doing the right thing?

Download it here!

If you're stuck in the game, this is a short walkthrough...

I hope you'll enjoy it,
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I tried playing this but I got stumped very early on because I couldn't figure out the code.

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I've sent you a PM with a short walkthrough - hope I could help you!

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Okay, that was weird!!

Interesting game - the puzzles weren't as difficult as they first appeared to be.  Nice use of the text input interface, it always induces a cretinous urge to try saying really stupid things just to see if I get a response though! 
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Kudos for making the girl in the chat say you have good taste when you tell her you like Discworld!  :-D

BTW when I completed the game and tried to quit, my mouse cursor vanished (though I could exit by pressing return).

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Yeah, the game is a bit ... different  :grin:
An Urpney said the same about the text input interface - so I had to add some more dialogue options. Great, that the puzzles worked out. I tried to maintain a balance between 'solvable' and 'not too easy'. I will also have a look at the mouse cursor problem...
(Discworld rocks!)