Author Topic: [HELP FOUND] Music wanted for Oceanspirit Dennis game (short deadline)  (Read 1535 times)

Edit: Position filled

I've got a game that has been in the works for a long time and is now approaching completion. My deadline is May 12th, but I'm still missing music for most of the game. The game is set in the Oceanspirit Dennis universe so the overall tone is spoofy and comedic, though I'm going for a slightly more sensible tone than some of the other OSD games. If you've never played an Oceanspirit Dennis game, think an adventure game version of an old school Japanese RPG.

I need at least three tracks:
1) Battle music for an old school RPG-style battle sequence. As epic and over the top as possible.
2) General 'wandering around a sleepy village' background music.
3) End credits.

If someone was really keen it would be cool to get some more individualised music for some or all of the different locations in the village, but I realise I'm not allowing a lot of time.

If you are interested in writing some or all of the above, or want any more details, send me a personal message or reply in this thread. Again, the deadline is May 12th, and I'd really want to get the music implemented a few days before that.
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