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Some people think i am bonkers when i jump around but i am just here to tell you that papas got a brand new pigbag! Well not really. With the power of the seven nation army and the eye of the tiger i present you a game from down under which you can't touch. Here is

The focus of the first AGS 180 Darts was on an easy gameplay. You were able to control everything with just one button. Basically this hasn't changed in the new version. So what's the deal?

The focus is more one the darts experience this time. Here are some impressions:

The main menu

Who will battle against Phil Taylor?

Customize your darts

Wade trying to catch van Gerwen

Barney missing 3 darts on a double in double-in mode

What's really new:

- new throw-system with possible bouncers
- 1024x768
- throw on bull's-eye
- double-in
- save a replay of your match
- see your
...double rate
...highest checkout
...score 100+, 140+
...and how many 180s you hit
- everything is displayed as seen on tv!
- the crowd now and then sings a little song
- more complex and customizable ai
- the ai's form changes throughout the game
- small training program: be the chalker!
- every player has his own unique darts
- customize your darts

i hope you'll like this game as much as i do and of course that everything works as expected. tell me what you think!

in this sense: have fun and chase the sun! ;)


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Looks good!  I probably won't be much good at this, but downloading anyway  :-D