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A Cat's Night 2
« on: 13 May 2013, 01:54 »
I have got:
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 Glue, ID, Ketchup, Antenna, Hose, Bellows, Coconut and I have a floating cable
. Now what...?
I need:
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 Container, Mustard, Convince Witness, fix the cable
- well that is what I think I need to have

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The first thing that you need to do is:

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and for make it

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you know that the hamster know that the mustard have a orange bottle, so you need an orange bottle like a mustard one the content of the bottle isn't important, so you need the color and a bottle similar to a sauce bottle, for doing it you need to know a location....

Another tip

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The location is the museum, you can find when you talk with Filiberto and asking for some interesting news of the day, you have the right item to do the mustard.

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Thanks for the help. I got much further then.

Then in the second/third part of the game:
With the love letter and the bouncing ball - other puzzle combinations too, I don't know - have the authors of the puzzles changed??? I looked up the walk-through on and off, it sort of seems to be not so logical anymore as in the beginning. Hmmm.

Overall - I really liked this game, well done.
Thank you.

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The author of the puzzle was me for all the game

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You need to use the love letter with the ball for make a "bullet" and you need something to shoot them on the balcony

hint 2

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You need a sling!

hint 3

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For make the sling you need the Y letter from the Fiorini's house map and the orange elastic from the Squirrel Mayor, join them with the ball/letter bullet and give the loaded sling to Orlando
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At the herbalists when I have ingredients, I cannot understand how to use the mixing-screen to [hide] make the infusion.  at the start of mixing, I click red, it then makes another red on the left panel.  Then I click blue, and it carries red, blue and yellow across to the right panel.   I click another red and it thrn shows two red plus one blue and one yellow at right, but then how do I tell the game that I have finished with ingredients? Also, at times it seems to randomly move colours other than I clicked, to right or back to left.[hide]   Please help re the process itself!  Thanks, Wendy

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This minigame work column by column, you need to pick a ingredients for column startinf from left

the minigame end when you pick an ingredients from the fourth column, if the combination isn't correct you can try again.
You have infinite retrying

The right combination is

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1 column   RED

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2 column   RED

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3 column   BLUE

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4 column   YELLOW

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1) Hmmmm!!!  My brain didn't work well for that mini-game!   Thanks a stack for your prompt help, allowing me to continue with the game now.

2) I have another query.  Throughout the game so far I am often having a big problem to click an inventory item on a hotspot, even though I have found the "label"(object-name).   I find the label, I click the inventory-item's icon on that exact spot, and it seldom works, then I have to keep doing trial and error, until I accidentally hit the hotspot, maybe tyring up to 10 times before I hit it. It is VERY frustrating and spoils a beautiful game.   Am I missing a different method here, or is it a Windows XP compatability problem, or what?   I have played point-and-click adventures for something like 30 years (since the days of the Kings Quest series) and never had such severe hotspot problems. 

3) On the positive side, this game is terrific, the dialogues are well designed and logical, the graphics are excellent, the plot is very logically designed and the music /sound effects etc are also great.  Fantastic work, except for the hotspot problem. 
I actually preferred A Cat's Night 1, but that is personal taste, and A Cat's night 2 is nevertheless a lovely game, well worth while and rewarding to play.  Both games are highly recommended - well done indeed!!!
Regards, Wendy

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Thanks Wendy, the problem of the hotspot/object selection is caused by the cursor, they are too big and they have only a little interactive area on the top left corner.

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Aaaah, thanks!!!  I had tried different areas but had not hit on the "top left corner" solution.  Much appreciated.
Still thoroughly enjoying this lovely game. (Getting near end now, I think).
Regards, Wendy

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Hey I'm stuck, and the walkthrough links do not work.  Can anyone post one or link to one please?

I currently have:
Glue, ID Card, Ketchup, Bellows, Hose, Coconut, Aerial.
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I have the balloon on the cable but I can't figure out how to attach it to the building.
I can't figure out how to contain the orange paint "mustard".
The dog won't let me touch the grass.

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I need to get rid of the man by the car.

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Hi SKYY, is nice to see that someone still play my game.

I have uploaded the walktrough here

Enjoy ;)