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I've been trying to get the AGS Engine building on Windows using free tools. I've had pretty good success with the Windows 7 SDK: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=18950 (command line VC9 compiler and toolchain for free, minus the Visual Studio GUI). I only had one hurdle- an include in Engine\resource\version.rc , afxres.h . The problem is that the Windows SDK doesn't come with MFC. Following advice from S|O I've replaced the include with the following:

Code: [Select]
#include "WinResrc.h"
#define IDC_STATIC  -1

And success, I now have the engine compiling successfully! Would the rest of you be up for making this a permanent change? It seems worthwhile, if it makes the Engine buildable with free tools- makes it that little bit easier to get new developers for Windows. Especially since VS2008 isn't really available for sale any more.

PS I'm not entirely certain if this is the best venue to ask this sort of question- I've not contributed to an Open Source project before... should I just be sending in Git pull requests?


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Re: afxres.h
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Visual Studio 2008 Express (e.g., the "free" edition of VS) has always been able to build the engine, but if this crops out unnecessary header info then I don't see why not.

As far as contributing to the project, the way it usually works is that you create a fork of the official git repo and then submit a pull request. This is actually pretty simple using a Github account (which is also free), or you can always upload your fork elsewhere (my fork is cloned on Github.com and Bitbucket.org).


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Re: afxres.h
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If AGS is not using MFC (and as far as I know it isn't) there is no reason to include that header so it would be safe to remove it. MSVS likes to add the header by default for some reason; oh well. :P
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Re: afxres.h
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Thanks for pointing out. IIRC this was already mentioned once when we started to work on the open-sourced code engine, but we forgot to make a correction.
Fixed with commit 0acc682