Author Topic: Crankosaurus Prime and the Blue Crystal Pursuit - MAGS June 2013  (Read 2815 times)


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Crankosaurus Prime and the Blue Crystal Pursuit.
Smash, push, roar or whatever it takes to get the crystals back you, the recently revived dinosaur, have been entrusted to protect.

MAGS June 2013 entry, a little clunky. Please let me know if you think it has potential, would like to complete and polish if people find it fun.

-Bug Fixes, July 1st reloaded (now you can finish the game!)
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EDIT: trying to get screenshot to work.

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Thanks, finally figured it out...

I couldn't figure out the controls. The eye and grab actions don't seem to give any response, and the power action doesn't seem to have any effect, other than having the character "ROAR". I saw some snowballs, but I can't do anything with them. It definitely needs more polish to be playable.


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Yah, I'm working on a re-release. It was a mags game. The Eye is almost useless, grab works on thing you can grab and the power action will become more useful as you acquire more crystals. Attack and Push are your most useful actions. I had alot of plans for this game but I probably could have used another month to work them in! :) hope you try it again (push the snowballs), and enjoy the rest of the game.