Author Topic: Cursror flickers when mouse moves over script window + windows font size issue  (Read 960 times)


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I think this is probably a known issue, but on a new laptop it's much more distracting than it used to be. When the mouse cursor is in motion over a script window it flickers between the pointer and the beam cursor in a very annoying way. Weirdly, I can stop this happening by changing the beam cursor in windows to the one with a white outline. I searched but couldn't find this mentioned, so I thought it was worth posting.

Also as a side note: The dialogue window in the editor does not work very well with Win 7's text sizes above 100%. The left column is too narrow and needs to be resized, but it still doesn't fit properly. If the same layout is used in the new betas, it's worth looking into because (I believe) 125% is the default font size for systems with a 1920x1080+ monitor attached at the time of installation. (And thanks to a windows bug, changing default font sizes doesn't work properly in this situation without editing the registry).

I hope those notes are of some use.