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I'm looking for "The three piggies a remediation" by Kostas Monastiridis. The link on this site is dead and everywhere else I've found directs here.

Do you mean this one?, I had it in my collection.

Code: Adventure Game Studio

Yes, that's the one. Thanks a lot!  :)

Thought I'd mention just in case, there's a torrent file for many hungreds of older games that were previously hosted on

EDIT: it looks like above game is not present there though...

Isn't the torrent file identical to the collection found on I believed so...anyway I cannot use torrent on my current network. But thanks anyway.  :)

I thought so because Peder wrote (back in 2018):
I will no longer update the database with any new games released effective immediately,
and the service will go offline by the end of the year or when the current library is fully available on, whichever comes first.
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