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As a dev I know how important it is to reply to interested parties and how the motivation to do so can come purely from people asking rather than your own will to go explaining what's happened lately. As a player, I also know it's important to catch up on old projects, and not just be stuck with all the brand new only projects.

As some threads are locked, this is an open thread for people to come and ask about projects that haven't had an update for a short, medium or long while - and perhaps garner some responses, without the need for people to have their threads unlocked and such. And those who want to ask about projects from long ago need not worry - just ask! It's best that you come here and ask if you suspect the original GiP thread is getting old.

Just try to include a link to the original GiP thread if you can so we know which game you're talking about please ;)

I'll start - Journey Of Iesir, any updates please? :)

PS. I will prune this thread of Off Topic replies.

I don't know how much Daniel will want me to say about it so for now I'll just tell you the The Journey of Iesir is still very much in production. ;)

Darth Mandarb:
Sure Mark ... make me the bad guy!!  :D

Actually I think this is a good great idea!  It gives a place for people to ask/discuss without digging up [potentially] dead game threads in the GiP!

I worry, just a tad, that by linking to the older threads people are going to post in them anyway but that's okay... my lightsaber is always prepared to smite the rule-breakers!!!

Nice thread.  Sometimes it's just nice to hear "yep, game's still being made" once in a while.

It's been a while since we had any word on Kathy Rain.
Does anyone in the know have any news?

@Cap'nD - Glad to hear Iesir is still happening :-)

Kathy Rain is progressing pretty much at the speed of light.


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