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Hi, this is Janet from Wadjet Eye Games.

We've recently started porting our games from PC to iOS. So far we have released Gemini Rue and The Shivah. Both of them have been doing well for us. We'd like to port our entire back catalog if possible - but it is a lot of work and we want to focus our time on our original games. With a baby daughter we have much less time these days.

This is where you come in! You are a skilled AGS scripter. You own a Mac (capable of running the latest XCode), a PC and an iOS device (4.3 and above). You will be altering the AGS source of our games to make them run nicely on iPhone. I've done two games like this so I can give you a complete tutorial on the changes we need.  You will be working in AGS script, and only using XCode to compile the game, so no Objective C or C knowledge will be necessary.

Rates: $1000 for shorter games, $2000 for longer games.

Interested? PM me.

Janet Gilbert
Wadjet Eye Games.


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PM sent!
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Hi to Chris Priestman :smiley:


(Note that we will not be porting Emerald City as we don't have the rights.)

(Or Kings Quest come to that. :) )


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OK, help obtained! Thanks, guys :)