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Re: Metal Dead
« Reply #40 on: 14 Oct 2014, 22:16 »
Missed the keys, but I didn't mind paying! Metal music, zombies, comedy AND AGS games ALL IN ONE? YES PLEASE \m/ Loving it so far! (laugh)


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Re: Metal Dead
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Congratulations on the release. I really enjoyed the game. The ending was awesomely bizarre. (laugh)


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Re: Metal Dead
« Reply #42 on: 16 Oct 2014, 00:42 »
Just finished this and I can't recommend it highly enough - such a great game, awesome humour, superb graphics and cutscenes, and so many subtle and not so subtle references packed into the game from start to finish. And of course.... METAL!!!

Re: Metal Dead
« Reply #43 on: 16 Oct 2014, 23:31 »
Congrats on the Steam release! I bought it a while ago and that reminded me that I never ended up finishing it. Just finished then, and the ending was awesome!

I'm really psyched for the sequel, I checked it out at PAX Aus last year, are you exhibiting again this time around?

Hey, sorry for the slow response - we'll be at PAX Aus again this year. We'll see you there! :)


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Re: Metal Dead
« Reply #44 on: 28 Oct 2014, 23:09 »
WalkThruWalls... any plans for submitting the game to GOG?  :smiley:

There were... until they were shot down - GOG does not sell games priced under $5.99. Just an FYI for anyone planning to sell their game on there!

It may be worth approaching GOG again, cos there's a lot indie games on GOG that are selling for less than that price ($5.99 Australian dollars\£3.29 UK pounds), which I've listed below.  :smiley:
And even though I bought the game direct from yourwebsite when it first came out, I would buy it again from GOG, if it was on there.  :wink:

Gianni Sisters


Escape Goat

Time Gentlemen, Please


Vertical Drop Heroes

Adventures Of Shuggy


Paper Sorcerer

99 Levels To Hell

Ballad Of Reemus


Super Hexagon

Unholy Heights

Blocks That Matter

Mr Bree


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Re: Metal Dead
« Reply #45 on: 28 Mar 2019, 21:04 »
 Sorry to drag up this old thread, but I wanted to know if anyone knows where I can buy this again DRM-free?   :confused:
I bought it years ago, when it first came out, but can't find my download anywhere.   :cry:
And the links in this thread no longer work, except steam, but that's DRM. 

I also emailed WalkThruWalls a couple of times, but he hasn't replied.   :sad:

Really would love to play this again.