Author Topic: Portrait Location BasedOnCharacterPosition is "sticky"  (Read 1221 times)


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I'm having trouble with the "BasedOnCharacterPosition" setting of "Sierra-style portrait location" in the general settings area of my AGS game. I'm using AGS version 3.3.0 (RC1). I actually made a test game to demonstrate the problem because my game is quite complex and I'm not sure what the problem is.

I've set up a blue version of Roger that the player can talk to. If the player talks from the right side of the character, the blue Roger's speech is displayed on the left and then remains on the left for the rest of the game. Even if the player subsequently moves to the left of blue Roger, blue Roger continues to talk from the left of the screen. This is what I mean by "sticky". I have found that adding a line of dialogue from another character fixes the problem, but any conversation I have with just one line of dialogue seems to suffer from the same issue (until a multi-character dialogue gets run).

Why is this happening? Can I fix it or work around it?

Here is my test game. It's just a new, basic game with a duped Roger sprite, a new char and a few new views to support the settings I've chosen. All you need to do is talk to blue Roger, then move to the left of blue Roger and talk to him again to see the magic happen.

Test game