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Great Work, Thanks !
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3.3.0 hotfix 3 version is released.
Please refer to the first post in this thread for download links (they are same as before).

This fixes few rare bugs and updates two game templates.

- Provided error handling for several exceptional cases on graphics mode initialization (program
  should at least close normally, showing comprehensible error message).
- Fixed crash in legacy built-in inventory screen (called by InventoryScreen() script function).
- Fixed screen size was incorrectly calculated in letterbox mode when the scrolling room is loaded
  (this could cause some GUIs or Overlays refuse to take requested position, and also slightly
  affected "box in/out" translation effect).

Updated two game templates:
* 9-verb MI style (1.3.2 of July 2014) by abstauber;
* SCUMM Verbcoin (2.0.0 of June 2014) by Electroshokker.

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