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Zog Moonbuckle: The Mysterious Planet.
« on: 07 Mar 2014, 20:08 »
Hi all,

I'm happy to announce the release of my first AGS game:
Zog Moonbuckle: The Mysterious Planet

The game can be downloaded here:
You play the part of Zog Moonbuckle, a brave yet unassuming space exploring android from the planet Vargo. During a journey home from the far reaches of space, your trusty spaceship - The Photon Pheasant - is bombarded by a powerful electromagnetic space storm and you are forced to crash-land on a mysterious planet not on any of your star charts.

Faced with the challenge of repairing your damaged spaceship, it soon becomes clear that you've become involved in something altogether more interesting...


  • Part sci-fi\part surreal environment and plot.
  • Meet a host of interesting characters, including: an armed-to-the-teeth pigeon, a one-eyed rubber plant and a spherical high priest.
  • 25 playable screens featuring basic, but hopefully somewhat retro, graphics.
  • Approximately 60 minutes' gameplay time.
  • Fully animated character interactions and behaviour.
  • Full in-game music and sound effects.*
  • Game introduction and ending sequences.
  • Simple user interface with Interact, Walk, Talk, Look and Use Item options.
  • An auto-save feature which allows you to instantly retry a screen in the event of disintegration or some other misfortune!

*All music and sounds were obtained for free from the following excellent websites:

I appreciate that my game is very basic compared to many of the other wonderful AGS creations out there, but it's been great fun to write and if it gives anybody even a brief moment of enjoyment, I'll be very happy! :-)


Steve (aka vortex)

PS - All comments\feedback gratefully received!

Re: Zog Moonbuckle: The Mysterious Planet.
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Congrats on the release Vortex!  :grin:


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Re: Zog Moonbuckle: The Mysterious Planet.
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Congratulations Vortex! It's amazing how many games are made with AGS every year and you have just contributed for the future of our community, you should be proud.
Thank you for your game.
Working on a RON game!!!!!

Re: Zog Moonbuckle: The Mysterious Planet.
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Wow, what a great little game! :-D

Took an hour and a few minutes to complete, though I must have missed something as I scored 245/250.

The graphics are simple but do the gob, and there are some neat little animations there.  Nicely written, good humour throughout!

(I'd love to help if you ever decide to do a talkie version of this...)

Nice job!

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CaptainD \ Miguel - many thanks for your kind words. I'm repeatedly blown away by the amazing games produced by the AGS community, so it's been a great feeling to get my first game finished and uploaded for other people to play. Writing Zog Moonbuckle has been such a fun, relaxing experience too, so I'm definitely inspired to make some more games now! :-D

CaptainD - I'm really happy that you enjoyed playing the game and thanks so much for your feedback. ;-D I think a talkie version of the game would be great, so I'll definitely let you know if this is something I start working on in future. With regards to your score of 245/250, I think the only thing you could have missed worth 5 points (and still complete the game) would be the following:

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At the three stone of Emarco, examine the large triangle stone bearing the red circle.


Re: Zog Moonbuckle: The Mysterious Planet.
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Yeah, I think you may be right about that 5-pointer... I think I just
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immediately saw the connection with the stones and the disc, and just used them together without looking at it first! :-D