Author Topic: Gateway remake: Can't leave station; no discernible goal  (Read 1528 times)

I'm playing the Gateway remake (version 1.1).
I've got:
  • the DATAMAN,
  • credit  card,
  • club pin,
  • clover key,
  • green pamphlet,
  • letter about the Orion program,
  • telephone number napkin,
  • tuning fork,
  • blue badge,
  • round medal,
  • scrap of paper for lvl. babe,
  • gun,
  • magazine.

  • been briefed
  • met three people in the bar, buying two of them alcohol
  • retrieved the tuning fork from the museum
  • won the trivia game in the casino
  • broken the Beach VR
  • visited the room behind the crate on Lvl. Babe
  • played the Light Psych VR without knowing what to do with it
  • retrieved the gun from the armory

I'm at 190 points.

Now I simply don't know what I'm supposed to do next. There are no open puzzles I know of.
The agent guarding the restricted area won't let me pass ("I'm sorry, but you're not listed in the computer yet. ... try back tomorrow").
I can't advance time, however, and I haven't any clue about what else the agent might be waiting for.

According to the PV commset, there's supposed to be a demo in front of T52 at 9 o'clock, but again, I can't advance time in a targeted manner.

So how do I proceed?

Re: Gateway remake: Can't leave station; no discernible goal
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I can't advance time, however

Ah. I was being stupid.
Turns out I _can_ advance time after all, by
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sleeping in the berth of my quarters.

That seems to be the solution in order to be able to carry on.