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Some RON questions
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The list of locations mentions a university. Are there any games where the university is featured? If so, which ones?

How complete is this: http://www.realityonthenorm.info/downloads/resources/pdf-dj-sbook-041023.pdf

Also, a long time ago I remember there being a sample game where you could walk around and explore the entirety of RON. Is that still a thing somewhere? Just wanting to know how to connect all of the backgrounds with each other and stuff.

Also if I create a RON game do I have to post it somewhere for approval before officially releasing it?
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Re: Some RON questions
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- There's been no formal appearance of RoN university in the games to date.  The closest it's come in-game is a small unlabelled pamphlet in "Stuck at Home".  The town & uni maps on the website (faq section) show a detailed plan of the university campus & buildings.

- The Davy Jones' Spell Book pdf covers the games from "Lunchtime of the Damned" to "Stuck at Home".  Any newer games that had Davy use new spells/rituals (and I don't think there were many that did, if any at all) wouldn't be in the version on the site.

- You're referring to Virtual Reality and it's still a thing.  I've uploaded a new version that you can get in the Virtual Reality post or at this link instead.

- So long as your game follows the few rules (don't kill established characters or reveal the Bum's identity) you can make a post in the forum announcing your game.
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