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Author Topic: [ RELEASED ] Neofeud  (Read 86765 times)


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Re: Neofeud
« Reply #400 on: 24 Jan 2017, 23:42 »
God damn this looks sick!

Re: Neofeud
« Reply #401 on: 29 Jan 2017, 07:38 »
News this week: Article in Gaming Respawn on Neofeud!  Thanks, Steve Gill!

Here are all of the Neofeud trailers for your convenience:




Also, still looking for a voice actor who can pull off an Indian accent, even a British-ish Indian accent.  The character only has maybe eight or nine lines.  do let me know!

Re: Neofeud
« Reply #402 on: 04 Feb 2017, 23:11 »
So it's been a long time coming, but we're finally within striking distance of the completion of Neofeud!  (As in, the game will be done as long as Silver Spook Games' team doesn't go on strike!  JK  :)
The biggest news is of course:
A big special thanks too the most recent additions to the Neofeud cast:

Dreena Moran

Singer, voice actor, comedian and more!  Dreena is super talented, with a great set of pipes, and also did voice acting on the great point-n-click  Kathy Rain which I am a fan of.  Check her stuff out! 

(Special thanks to Dan Kobylarz  for putting us in contact and awesome recording setup!)

Glen Michael Cooper

Hailing from Cornwall, England, Glen's done work on everything from video games to movies and more.  His voice acting has tremendous presence and the sound-quality is totally pro.   Great to have him on board!

Rebecca McCarthy

Rebecca is a writer, voice actress and gamer from the UK who has a great range -- she does kids too!  One of her recent big roles was the speakeasy edition of the adventure game, Late Last Nite

Rafael de los Reyes

Rafael is an up-and-coming voice actor from the Phillipines who did a great job voice acting with the difficult prompt, "You're a corrupt, gritty cop from inner-city LA, and you're obsessed with playing arcade games.  GO!"  Awesome job, man!

Nicholas Delisi - Another great voice acting potential working on building his resume.  Did a great job cleaning out those hard-to-reach accents from my casting list!  Site coming soon!

Tracy Torres Jr - Ask him how hard it is to pull off an Indian accent while being shot at! :)  Thanks man!
Status report:
Voice Acting 100%!!!!!! - This took a while, but the 60,000 + words of dialog spread across 42 different characters has been fully voiced by Neofeud's supremely talented group of voice actors.  It has been a total pleasure to work with these folks, and, if Neofeud succeeds commercially, I do hope to work together with the VAs on future projects.  Potentially a Neofeud 2!
-Debugging 95% - At this point, Silver Spook Games'  alpha tester TheBlindRabbit  and I are running and re-running through the game as I'm making sure all of the music, sound, and voices are in the right place.  The first two thirds of the game are set, it's just down to that last home stretch!
-Music 95% - I'm in the process of adding and refining more of the soundtrack  to precisely fit the tone/emotion of each scene, along with mastering the SFX, speech and music levels, but we're nearly there!
-Sound FX 90%
-Story, Art, Programming: 100% 
Thanks again to all the voice actors/actresses, testers, patrons, word-spreaders, supporters, nice-word-sayers, and everyone else whose helped make Neofeud a reality! 
Thanks once again to all of Neofeud's patrons as well, who have helped keep this project going through thick and thin-  @minxilla   @ian_ruotsala    @Noirjyre    Farel The Gecko @benjaminpenney
We're almost there, people!  Get that $20,000 champagne, gold-leaf burgers, and diamond-studded motorcade ready! :D

In other more personal news, I, Mrs. Silver Spook, and our two kids have confirmed that we will be moving to the Big Island of Hawaii very shortly!  Our plan is to get Neofeud released and (hopefully) being enjoyed by as many fans as possible as we transition to our new home.  We'll send you a postcard! :)


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Re: Neofeud
« Reply #403 on: 05 Feb 2017, 07:50 »
Looking ready to launch, congrats man!
That transparent skulled dude is awesome  ;-D
Also congrats on the new home, hope you spend a lot of great times over there  :)

Amayirot Akago

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Re: Neofeud
« Reply #404 on: 05 Feb 2017, 08:17 »
Very happy to hear the voice acting roles have been filled and the game is nearing completion, looking forward to seeing it in action (and playing it as well) :)
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Re: Neofeud
« Reply #405 on: 05 Feb 2017, 08:46 »
All great news! (nod)
Good to hear it's soon done. :-D
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Re: Neofeud
« Reply #406 on: 05 Feb 2017, 23:33 »
Thanks guys, I'm glad that Neofeud is nearly finished as well!

@AnasAbdin: Thanks, it will be great to do something off of a computer for at least a little while.  Plus we're planning to go off the grid, with a bunch of solar panels, so Neofeud and its successors will be running on 100% renewable energy! :)

@Amayirot: Yeah, thanks for all your help voice acting for Neofeud, you have helped take it to the next-level!

@CassieBSG: It's coming soon, as they say! :)


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Re: Neofeud
« Reply #407 on: 10 Feb 2017, 12:52 »
Sooo excited to see it finished!  (nod)
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Play Tester for SilverSpook's Neofeud !

Re: Neofeud
« Reply #408 on: 11 Feb 2017, 20:06 »
Transgenic protester won't be executive-ordered around! 

Neofeud is nearly there, just polishing the final few bejeweled golden pillars and grime-i-fying the last few miles of urban squalor.  I figure I'm going to need to cut some stuff at this point (I wanted to make portraits with expressions for every character, but that would take like freakin' another month alone...)  But rest assured, we're nearly at the end of the line!

Re: Neofeud
« Reply #409 on: 11 Feb 2017, 23:51 »
Cool to hear Neofeud is to be released soon, it will be exciting to see what it's like after following your posts for so long!
And while changing expressions on the portraits can help characterization, you can also read a character's intent from
words and voice-acting.  8-)

Re: Neofeud
« Reply #410 on: 12 Feb 2017, 08:02 »
Thanks Blondbraid!  Yes, this is what I'm hoping RE: characterization.  Thankfully I had the good fortune to have some fantastic voice actors work on Neofeud who do a lot of the heavy lifting of bringing these princesses and robo-paupers to life with their enthralling performances. ;)

Re: Neofeud
« Reply #411 on: 19 Feb 2017, 06:56 »
We're nearly there!  Just mastering the area known cryptically as "The Facility" (for any Neofeud contributors or folks who had early access ;) which is the second to the last in the game. 

To tide you over, here's another sample music track from the game.

The Six Billion Dollar Baller


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Re: Neofeud
« Reply #412 on: 20 Feb 2017, 04:09 »
I don't think I'd walk into this neighborhood  8-0
The track is great! Can't stop listening  8-)

Re: Neofeud
« Reply #413 on: 25 Feb 2017, 19:20 »
@Anas:  Thanks!  Yeah make sure you wear your power armor down there, hehe.

Good news!  All of the voice acting, music, etc. are all in game, and now we're just in the final run-throughs and smiting of any remaining straggler bugs!

Family and I will also be moving in the week on our big adventure homesteading in an off-grid place in Hawaii.  Like Alaska: The Last Frontier, but in the tropics, and with satellite internet. :) 

Because it will take us a bit to get situated, I'm not setting a hard release date, but as soon as we get situated, I can get a reliable connection and the game is smoothed out, it's launch time!

EDIT: All Neofeud testers and VAs who have not yet done so, go ahead and send me the name you'd like to be credited as.  If you at least gave some feedback on Neofeudk, I'll at least give you some special thanks!
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Re: Neofeud
« Reply #414 on: 04 Mar 2017, 22:55 »
On the final lap of Neofeud testing!  The game itself should be done in a week or so, although because of the big move I can't give out an exact release date.  Patreon patrons will get the release a day or more before the official public release of the game, though!

If anyone has any experience with setting up a simple independent content-distribution / online store, I'm looking to set up a way to sell my game, Neofeud, directly to fans.  I just need to be able to accept a payment, and then the user will get a file in return.  

I'm also going to look into 3rd-party distribution options, but I want to also have the ability to sell direct as well.

I'm currently in the process of finalizing the game and making sure that everyone who has contributed to Neofeud is thanked in the credits. 

All of my gracious Neofeud patrons are of course included, and will have their portraits, avatars, or special mentions included!  'Neofeudal Royalty' ($20+ patrons) are also credited as "Producers".

Re: Neofeud
« Reply #415 on: 17 Mar 2017, 19:22 »
The entire Neofeud Soundtrack is now available!

Forty four tracks clocking in at around 2 1/2 hours of music, for only $5!  (Jesus Christ did I really write that much music!?!?)

Pre-order Neofeud now on Patreon before Neofeud's release and get the soundtrack for free!

In other news, I will be announcing the release date of Neofeud shortly, once I get the thumbs up from the last round of testers.  The release is tentatively looking like late March, though!
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Re: Neofeud
« Reply #416 on: 18 Mar 2017, 18:55 »


Greetings, Neofeudal Lords and Ladies!

First off, thank you, the AGS community, for helping make Neofeud as great as it can possibly be.  You've played a vital role in taking this project from a figment of a deranged individual's imagination to a fully-fledged adventure game.

I've just announced the release date of Neofeud as March 25. 

So please, spread the good word to your friends, the interwebz, etc. that the release date for Neofeud is March 25 and they can pre-order on the Patreon site and get the Neofeud soundtrack FREE!

Patreon site: https://www.patreon.com/neofeud

Soundtrack: https://silverspook.bandcamp.com/

Silver Spook Games website: http://silverspookgames.com

Thanks again for all your help, and if Neofeud does well, there may be a sequel or other new Silver Spook Games project in the cards!

EDIT: If anyone could help with porting Neofeud to Mac, let's talk!
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Re: Neofeud
« Reply #417 on: 18 Mar 2017, 19:51 »
Congrats and good luck with the sales!  (nod)

25th March is only the 2nd best date in the world!  :-D
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Re: Neofeud
« Reply #418 on: 18 Mar 2017, 22:45 »
Yay, how exciting to see a release date! 8-0 :-D

Re: Neofeud
« Reply #419 on: 20 Mar 2017, 21:02 »
Thanks guys!  I'm excited to finally have this thing out there too! It's been a long time coming.