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DoTT - Remake - Scripter, Animator, Audio
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Hello everyone!


Day of the Tentacle - Remake - Is the good old classic with better looking graphics imported from Flash. Maybe with a new ending and a new sequel afterwards? :wink:


The whole game will be remake into AGS using Flash for graphics, with additional contents and features:

A new ending?
A new playable character?
Close-up animated speech portraits?
New puzzles?
New Items?
New audio?
Achievements list?
More platforms compatibilities?
More animations?

We still need to discuss ideas of making the old game a more refreshing one with it's crazy arts and unbeatable humor to make the fun last longer!

Positions Available:

Flash animator(s)
I need a few to help me with animations, using Flash. For sprites, objects and cut scenes.
Only people who have experience with these kinds of graphics need apply, because the game is mostly about graphics and animations.
All the static graphics (backgrounds and sprites) have already been completed so we need people that can adapt to those.

The GUI scripting part of the game is already defined, using the original LucasArts features. However, since we still have a lot of functions, animations and audios that still need
to be implemented in the game we need someone that can adapt to our current methods or help us with some touch ups and help with technical support. Also, the current state of the walkthrough
checklist that's been done so far is at more than 30%. There might also be the need of scripting for the new features such as: Platforms compatibility (if possible), Achievements List,
New Puzzles and such...

Audio Technician (RECRUIT FOUND)
We are going to need someone that knows how to redo the original audio files and soundtracks using the program of his choice. Someone that can also give suggestions and create additional
audios that mimics LucasArts' style.

Voice Actors
Voice actors and not currently our priority for the moment since we are not yet aware of which new contents will be added to the original game. However,
if there is someone that can imitate Bernard, Laverne, Hoagie, Dr.Fred or some of the other characters, please, do not hesitate to send me a sample via email


Before applying, be sure to be a mature enough person that knows when to be serious, as
we might use Skype for our weekly meetings and check our announcement on AGS Forums for the project:

Interested parties can reply to this thread or contact me via PM or by email

Thanks! :cheesy:
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