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Greycity! - Alpha 0.1
« on: 15 Feb 2016, 03:19 »
Hello! Playwithtomatoes (That's me!) is proud to announce:

    Greycity - The agents showdown (Actually, just Greycity)
The Story so far:
You are Agent Gecko and your assignment is to eliminate all other agents in the city; Using just your wits and items you find on the scene.

About the game:
 A last man standing one room game (Mini-game more likely). With silly dialogue, not much depth and a little cursing. It's my first attempt at making a game with AGS. I'd like to improve it a little bit, but probably will just stay as is with added music and not much else because my idea is to make several micro (but fully playable games) before attempting to move on to larger projects. I'd really appreciate it if you give this a try and reply me some feedback about it. Thanks, and enjoy!
Download Link: Greycity alpha demo ultra low res V0.1

PS: The game also has a Spanish translation.

Mandatory screenshots:

Development Progress:

Story: 10%
Scripting: 100%
Graphics: 10%
Sound/Music: 0%

Expected completion date: Don't hold your breath

Development Diary:

February 15, 2016
The alpha version is ready, and playable (Wiiii!) Expect bugs, probably, grammatical horrors and not much sense out of the story.

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Re: Greycity! - Alpha 0.1
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Cool little idea. Is there an actual end? I killed them all and the game didn't stop or at least tells me I am the dog of the city now ;)
Your story of neutralizing these guys is pretty funny. The background needs some polish. Looks more like a placeholder for now. Maybe you could think about different ways to play this. Choose the clever/brutal/pacifistic/sneaky/allrounder whatever way. Maybe give the player one item for each start which determines how the game could be played (Sneaky gets some "the-walls-have-ears-device", Clever has already some intel on one or two of the guys and pits them against each other, brutal is a real bad ass and the allrounder without item is more or less the way you created now := ... or something like that)
Also some randomness could be fun. So everyone of them could be a trap depending on what the internal game dice brought the player.

Re: Greycity! - Alpha 0.1
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Thnx Kumpel! The game actually has 2 "to be continued" scenes, when you finish your bussiness with Info (Or do something else (laugh))... I like your idea of path classification in clever/brutal/pacifistic/sneaky, also. Originally I wanted to make it with more than one way to solve it, as you say it, with different approaches to beat the enemies. More randomness would add a lot to the gameplay experience, however I had constrained myself when I set up to do this: To "Finish a game", even if it meant to make it very small, because I tend to complicate things a lot, try to do too much without proper knoweledge of the tools at hands and end up with some half-baked unworkable tech-demo, and so my little game maybe suffered from a little oversimplifycation. I'll probably update it once or twice though. And I'll keep in mind your suggestions (Specially when you get to the last Agent). Thanks again for your feedback, Cheers!