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Author Topic: Streetwalker: The Fantasy Prostitution Simulator **BETA 29.01.2015**  (Read 5637 times)


Welcome to the city of Utopia! A floating city in the sky, where men live only for the sexual satisfaction of others; in exchange for gold of course.

Streetwalker is a short, rogue-like simulator / RPG, where your purpose is to sell sex and gradually gain access to the better parts of Utopia and maybe finally to the Royal Palace and the Queen of Utopia herself. At the same time you slowly unfold the mystery surrounding your profession.

Streetwalker is heavy on adult themes, so if you're under the age of 18 or get offended by themes like that, then maybe skip this one.


So hello there AGS community!

Little bit of backstory about me maybe. Lately I've been having way too much free time so I decided to take a crack at game making. AGS seemed like the obvious way to go since it's the most familiar platform to me. The result can be seen here. Currently the game is in a sort of a beta build. It can be played through, but it's lacking in features. I'm also unsure about the direction I should be going with it. To me it's fun to play at the beginning and then it gradually starts to get more tedious. I'm also unsure about the tone: whether I should go for a more serious tone or just all out pitch black, low brow sexual humour. Now it's sort of middle ground which to me seems like the most boring choice.

Features I've been thinking of adding is basically just more depth. In the game you get a random event every day. I'm thinking of making these the focal point. Adding way more of them and enabling the player to make choices how to react to different situations. Then when the player reaches the end of the game his choices would reflect on the final cutscene. Also right now it's lacking in graphics. Basically it's all text and it'd be nice to have visual cues for all the different situations (portraits for random events, places, player character etc.).

So if you had the intrest to read through all that and even play the beta, then I'd like some feedback. Basically what made the game fun for you and what not. I'm also open to suggestions of features to add.

Thank you for reading this!
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Maybe look to inspiration from games like Civilization for events and random events?

Not sure I'm convinced a prostitution game is ethically sound but hey it'd probably be really popular in certain parts of Japan!

You've spelt "Strength" wrong by the way.. I hope that doesn't mean too much script fiddling!

Thanks for pointing that out! The game's propably riddled with small spelling errors like that, I'll try to get rid of those by the next release.

I understand that the subject matter isn't for everyone and handling it means balancing a fine line. Also I guess traditionally adventure games have a lighter sense of humour and subject so this might not be the right community for a game like this. To me games seem like a great platform to handle weird subjects though.

Retro Wolf

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To hell with ethics! I came to the conclusion a while ago that you're never going to please everyone, so just do what you want.

I can see a lot of potential for random events, you could deal with drug addiction, violent customers, pimps etc.

Looking forward to checking out the final release.

Darth Mandarb

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Are these in-game (non menu) screens? 

They all look like menu screens to me. 

Is this how the game looks (without player characters and backgrounds)?

I'm leaning towards going all out deranged humour here. To me this project has been mostly a learning experience and a way to pour my weird thoughts into something creative. To the player I'm trying to offer a small, enjoyable little game that can be compleated in like 15 minutes or so with hopefully a few laughs here and there.

And yes Darth Mandarb, that's how the game looks like. You do everything there is to do with the interface pictured in the second screenshot. I'm aming for simple usability. I'm planning to add some visual aids for the sake of not looking so bland though; maybe colorful pixel art to contrast the harsh tone. I'm not that good with grafics though so we'll see.


Some questions for the people who have played the game:

- Do you feel like the main interface is self explanatory?
- I've had a request to replace the minus/plus buttons with sliders. Which would you prefer?
- Do you feel like you'd like to know the amount of money needed for the next part of the map to open?
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I'm actually amused by my own reaction to this thread:

At first I was all like: Do we really need a game about prostitution when there are so many woman in the real world enslaved and trafficked because of the sex trade???

And then I actually read the thread properly and realized that the prostitutes are all men.

And then I was like: What?...Okay, hang on...So... I get to play a dude that women pay to have sex with??? DOWNLOADING....DUH!