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Any chance you have a higher res version of this you wouldn't mind sharing for us to try out?

Sure, here are two at a higher resolution, the one in the example is the one called 'grid_02', which I made at a low res, so it's only been scaled up.


To note:

You'll probably want to scale/stretch these in order to get the feeling you want, and the picture will probably only occupy a small portion of the grid, unless it's a really long sideway hallway kind of image. The bigger portion of the grid you use, the more extreme the perspective.

Perspective is all about consistency, so as long as you scale/stretch the grids as a whole, it'll still work.

Also, the vertical grids (if you use them) should probably be offsetted to the sides so that the middle line is centered in your picture.
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Re: Background Perspective
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Thank you! Will check this out this evening!

Re: Background Perspective
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Appreciate the advice loominous.:smiley:
At the moment I'm kinda of a noob with perpspective and im still struggling with the normal perspective.So I might try this out in the future 8-).