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Power Nap
« on: 19 Apr 2015, 07:02 »
I took the time to make a UHS-style walkthrough for Power Nap in case anyone finds it useful.

Power Nap Walkthrough

How do I play Power Nap?
To play this game you only need to remember two things.
Left-click = interact
Right-click = inventory

Power Nap is all about the quest for the perfect power nap. You win the game only when you have met all of the requirements for the perfect 20-minute power nap. When you think you have met the requirements, press the 'Take a nap' button.

What are these 'perfect requirements'?
There are five requirements in total.
1) Get rid of the drilling noise outside.
2) Make sure there are no distractions.
3) Do something to block out the bright lights.
4) Find a nice cosy spot to take your nap.
5) Make sure the boss can't catch you napping on the job.

How do I stop the drilling noise?
This is the easiest 'puzzle' in the whole game. Simply close the window by clicking on it once.

How do I make sure there are no distractions?
Perhaps there is a way to stop the phone from ringing.
Try unplugging the phone.

How do I block out the lights?
If the boss sees that your light is off, or that your blind is closed, it may arouse suspicion. Maybe there is some other way to stop light from reaching your eyes.
Maybe you could use a blindfold.
Try fashioning one yourself from the items you are carrying.
Are you carrying the elastic band? (If not, click on the desk.)
Are you carrying the two leaves? (If not, click on the plant on the shelf)
Combine the leaves and the rubber band to make a rudimentary blindfold.

(You don't have to do anything with the blindfold. Simply having it means you have solved this puzzle.)

How do I find a nice cosy space?
You can't sleep at your desk. The boss could see you through the window.
How about that big open space on the floor beneath the notice board? Try clicking on the space. Oh. It says you need some sort of pillow.

How do I make a pillow/cushion?
Well what is a cushion? It's a piece of fabric with some kind of stuffing.

How do I make stuffing?
Maybe you can use the shredder for this?

What do I shred?
Try clicking on the small note of the noticeboard for a clue.

The note says the newspapers will be ready soon. Try calling reception again. This time you can request a newspaper.

What can I stuff?
How about some item of clothing?

Okay, but the cushion is falling apart. How can I keep it together?
There must be some generic piece of office equipment designed for just this kind of problem.
Use the stuffed jumper on the stapler. Now you have a cushion.

What do I do once I have a cushion.
Use it on the space beneath the notice board. Now you have a cosy place for your nap.

How do I make sure the boss can't catch me.
You have to make it look as though you are still sitting awake at your desk.

How do I do that?
Perhaps if you had a picture of yourself.
You can photocopy your own face.

But the photocopier won't work.
It needs more paper. There is some on the shelf.

Thanks. So what now?
Well, presuming you have sellotape and ruler, you can just stick the photocopy to the ruler.

What sellotape? What ruler?
Did you even try searching the desk?
Oh. Whoops.
Whoops, indeed.

Okay. So I think I've done the five tasks. What next?
Well now you can take a nap.  So what better time is there to press the 'Take a nap' button.  If you are still yet to fulfil the requirements, the game will let you know.

I've finished the game, but...
It says I got the BAD ending. How do I get the good ending?
This means you either you got defensive with Janine in your answer machine message, or you questioned her logic. Either that or you just didn't call her and leave a message at all.

To get the good ending you should have apologised to her. That's all she wanted. Why not play again and see?

It says I got the GOOD ending. How do I get the bad ending?
This means you apologised to Janine in the answer machine message. Had you done otherwise, things may not have worked out quite as planned. Why not play again and see?

I've played both endings. Now what?
Well, you could always leave a rating and a comment for Power Nap on the AGS game page:
and, if there is still time, you could also vote for Power Nap on the game's Adventure Jam entry page here: