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NTGTFOI - The Game
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'NTGTFOI (Need-To-Get-The-F**K-On-It) The Game' is a Point-and-Drink Adventure Game designed and programmed by Nick Barnard to commemorate the 30th birthday of his buddy Matt.
"As the brave protagonist Matt Hartley, you must embrace your advancing years by going out for a night on the town. Explore bars, buy drinks, get drunk. Oh and Happy Birthday."

NTGTFOI is my first attempt at making a game using AGS. From downloading AGS 3.3.3 & opening the manual at page 1 to completing the game took roughly 7 weeks of evenings and weekends. Because I'm a bit of a n00b (and also because I was always a Monkey Island kid) I used the '9verb' template which ships with AGS 3.3.3. It is hardly really a game at all, as the only puzzles to speak of are finding your possessions before leaving you apartment and getting cash from the ATM when you run out. Although I did most of the artwork, players will recognize quite a lot of reused and modified sprites from other games, such as Indy FOA & FOY. I also edited (but didn't write) the music, for which credit is given below.

In summary, it's best to think of NTGTFOI as an interactive birthday card. It is not particularly original or challenging, and it might not make much sense if you don't know my buddy Matt or the town where he lives. So be it. I submit it on here for your interest and I welcome any comments or questions anybody may have.

Download Link:


Playthrough video (just over 40min):

NTGTFOI - The Game
Version at time of upload - 1.0
Released - 16th May 2015
Written & Programmed by Nick Barnard
(c) Copyright Control TibSoft 2015

Sounds by BFXR

Additional music by Bjorn Lynne

Created using Adventure Game Studio

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Re: NTGTFOI - The Game
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Wow! I wish I'd put this much effort into my first AGS project!
Love the humour!
You should put it on the AGS database and upload the file to a more reliable file host (I like Game Jolt). Dropbox limits downloads I believe.

I was going to PM you as I was curious how you went about making the backgrounds, assuming you ran photographs through a filter.
I was astonished to discover how much work you actually put into them; when I discovered your background making time lapse video.
While some parts of some backgrounds look a little off I was overall pleased with the visuals.

Yes you steal Monkey Island sprites but I like the way you chop them up to make something new.

Welcome to the AGS community, I look forward to your future projects!

I'm 30 in a couple of years... scary!
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Re: NTGTFOI - The Game
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Hi Wolf, thanks for the kind words. I'll definitely look into GameJolt for hosting & publishing, cheers for the tip. Just curious - how does one go about adding a game to the AGS Database? Can't immediately see it in the forums anywhere.

As for the background art - guilty as charged! Some of the art is very ropey. I was on a pretty tight deadline to finish the game and, to be honest, the whole thing is just a joke so it's all a bit slap-dash. I'd be happy to answer any questions you or anyone else may have about the artwork or anything else. I'll also post some links to the timelapse videos on this thread.

Re: NTGTFOI - The Game
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Links for the 'Making of' Timelapse videos mentioned above:

Background Art -

Character Art -

Thanks for the views/plays, guys. As always I welcome any comments or questions.


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    • AprilSkies worked on a game that was nominated for an AGS Award!
Re: NTGTFOI - The Game
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Wow great job!

I enjoyed a lot the making of videos!

I also like the screenshots and I hope to find time to play it very soon.

Re: NTGTFOI - The Game
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To add a game to the grata base, go to the AGS Games webpage and click on Add Your Game under Manage Games under Play Games on the right.


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Re: NTGTFOI - The Game
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The timelapses are cool!
(I haven't tried the game yet).
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Re: NTGTFOI - The Game
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Looks wicked. Can't wait to try it out.

Re: NTGTFOI - The Game
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Further to suggestions, have uploaded the game to GameJolt and modified the original post to include new download link.

Re: NTGTFOI - The Game
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Have also added the game to the AGS database.


Thanks for the tips guys, look forward to seeing more stuff from everybody! :smiley:

Re: NTGTFOI - The Game
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Just played it. Fun stuff.
I hope to see more from you in the not-too-disant future :-)