Author Topic: Camp 1 - a short story set in a remote, cold and dark place.  (Read 13305 times)

Camp 1 - a short, dark story about bureaucracy, penal labor, isolation and desperation.

Former pilot, inmate Korski is doing his last ground-to-orbit shipment at the Camp 1 geological trial drilling site,
a four man strong mineral prospecting operation setup by the People's Mining Company. All is not well at the camp, however
and things start going horribly wrong.


* 320 x 200 resolution
* Relatively low colour count
* Gamma slider, if you find it too dark (Alan v.Drakes build)
* No speech but sound effects
* A little help/note function

Crimson Wizard

Download links: (updated to v1.15 on Sept 11)
(Updated broken links 19/3-2017)


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Congrats on the release  :grin:
going to play it right away


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Yes, congratulations on the release. Are you going to put it up on the AGS games list?

Well done on a timely release mate. I look forward to having a go.


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Congrats on the release. Beautiful game you have here with all the bells and whistles. Well thought out puzzles, atmosphere, smooth animation, great story and it's all a pleasure to look at. Great job!

Click the download button because you don't want to miss this!
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Thanks for your support guys!
@Gurok: Added on the games list.

The downloads link to indiedb now, instead of my mega slow onedrive account.
That, plus an itch and a gamejolt version should make it pretty bomb proof. Right?


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Congrats on the release!
Looks really nice, hope to find the time to test it soon! :-D
There are those who believe that life here began out there...

This. Is a great game. Obviously, a lot of work went into Camp 1. Every single aspect is excellent. Fantastic visuals, wonderful colours, intense atmosphere, clever puzzles - did I mention the colours? The limited palette works so well!
Just one thing: I like complaining, but can't find any flaws! What am I supposed to do now? ;)

Seriously, marvellous game! Anyone who hasn't played this yet, go and do so. You'll love it.

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Anke said it best! Excellent piece of work, can't wait to see what's next :)

I finished the game. My thoughts:

This game is excellent in all the areas that really matter when I assess a game.

- The graphics and environment are exceptional. I am amazed what can be done so attractively with so few colours. In addition, the animations are super-smooth. I also noticed that the sounds used are more realistic than most games.
- I give the puzzles a high rating. I only got really stuck a few times and most of the other puzzles were exactly at that sweet spot where they are challenging but can be solved one step before frustration. It's not easy designing puzzles like that! There's a perfect combination of inventory puzzles, object puzzles, positioning items puzzles, some trial and error and ok, some dumb luck :D
- The story is a perfect length with a complexity level that fits the length of the game just right. It unfolds and flows at the exact rate to complement the puzzles to keep the player engaged.

Some other comments:
- What some games use comedy and laughs to achieve, this game uses gloom and despair and does it really well. The low-colour graphics really set the mood intended for this.
- I am very impressed by all the "extras": there are many elements in the game that are not essential for game play that add a lot of polish and appeal to the game.

As Anke said, I can't think of anything to improve in the game or any flaws except
Spoiler: ShowHide
I wish I had found it sooner! :D

It seems that this is the author's first game, in which case it's an exceptional release and I recommend that anyone play it.



Camp 1 is currently being featured on gamejolt!
Go check. Chop chop!

@Anke: What you're supposed to do now? Well, make a kick ass adventure game, of course!
@josiah: You know something I don't? :)
@Shadow: Glad you like it.
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To avoid cluttering the game tips thread any further:
The People's Mining Company has reverted back to using age old porcelain fuses, possibly for reliability reasons (the high tech ones are too sensitive and keeps flipping all the time) or simply because they fond a large stack somewhere.

 Hi, I just wanted to say congratulations on the release of your game.


and featured! http://www.indieretronews.com/2015/06/camp-1-free-adventure-story-with-eerie.html

By the way, this was one of our most reblogged articles on Tumblr! Everyone loved the graphical overtone of the game

Nice work
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Hey you made it into PC Gamer's Top Free Games of the Week!  Nice one :wink:

Well done, Stillinthe90s!

Jay! Thanks!
@IndieRetroNews: So that's why the indiedb popularity meter peaked the other day. ;-D That thing goed like a yo-yo.
@CaptainD: Just IndieGameNews left - COUGH - and we've almost covered the lot!


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Loved Camp 1 and was sorry when I reached the end.
I see that you are doing well on Gamejolt.
I have commented and rated your game.

@CaptainD: Just IndieGameNews left - COUGH - and we've almost covered the lot!

Oops... um... yes. :grin:  Will try to post something on Monday, feel free to give me a shout via PM here or on Twitter to remind me.

@BarbWire: Thanks for commenting & rating. And thanks for playing.

@CaptainD: I was only joking there (could not help myself). (laugh) You should cover the games you find interesting, and not the ones people nag you about.

Heh... I do find your game interesting, I just hadn't had time yet - also, nagging can be very useful to remind me to do stuff that I actually intended to do anyway (just ask my wife... on second thoughts, don't!) :grin:  I hope to make time to play this soon, but in the meantime: http://www.indiegamenews.com/2015/06/camp-1.html