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Peder 🚀:
Hey everyone!

I've spent the last week and part of the weekend to download AGS games missing on AGSA, and mapping games missing downloads on both AGS and AGSA.
I've generated a list: and would love any help I can get to find these missing games!

Please either prepend the agsId to the file name or when you link me the files in here write the agsId before the url like this:
305: [download url]
1030: [download url]

I'll be updating the list as games are found! If you find that any of these entries are NOT a game or is a COMMERCIAL game please notify me about this so I can remove them from the list.
I've already filtered some of those out but there might be more!

Crimson Wizard:
I just found this on my PC:


Peder 🚀:
Thanks! Downloaded and removed from the list! :)

Crimson Wizard:
I would also like to mention something, since this reminded me.
There was a game WOO (World of Our Own) by Gepard. I helped him fixing the scripts to optimize its speed, but the AGS database mentions not the last version of it, but a version which contains a bug. Someone (not Gepard, I recall it was different AGS members who was doing this instead, but I forgot who), was updating the dl link, but when I uploaded the final version he probably forgot to do this.

The version in AGS Archives is 1.2.3.
Here is the most final version (1.2.4):
it just has one annoying bug fixed.

Also, idk if you put this in Archives, but here is the source files, which were disclosed with Gepard's permit:

Peder 🚀:
Thanks Crimson!
I'll download those once I get home from work..

I will be supporting adding things like source code etc to games so thanks for the source code too!


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