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A point-and-click survival horror mystery adventure
See the official reply for details

Project lost is an experimental point-and-click horror adventure that explores the concept of morality and whether one's hopes and aspirations outweigh the needs of those around them. In Project Lost, you take the role of an aspiring artist who flees his home when it is revealed to him that his wife is pregnant. Stricken with an extreme feeling of wistfulness and fear, he escapes onto a boat headed to an undetermined destination, as he has no knowledge of sailing. Days pass until, by chance, an island is seen in the distance. Upon arrival, he is greeted by terrifying monsters and is forced to confront his problems head on by defeating each of them one by one. Will he be able to achieve his seemingly simple goal? Will he ever return home and take responsibility for his actions? Will he survive? Find out in Project Lost.


A massive open world of varying landscapes.
A barrage of varied and terrifying monsters, all with their own stories, game mechanics, and plot significance.
A story with multiple endings, impacted by every decision the player makes.
The charming game play present in classic 90's point-and-click games with notable improvements and dark undertones.
A free, story-significant demo.
Partner characters that follow the player and can carry out a variety of tasks.
A new inventory system with equipment and basic crafting.
Multiple puzzle solutions resulting in varying outcomes.

The Project Lost Demo is almost complete!

The Story

The Project Lost Demo expands upon the story of the main game by taking the place of the protagonist's son Daniel and his girlfriend Sarah as they slowly become aware of the events of Project Lost. One day Dan receives a strange letter stating his father's secret home had been discovered. Upon arrival he finds strange artifacts of his father's past and exploits on the mysterious island. As he continues to explore, he finds himself trapped in the basement where a otherworldly force begins to pull him further and further away from reality and closer to the island. As Dan continues to drift into the unknown Sarah begins to discover strange occurrences like creatures lurking in the shadows and out of place objects appearing in her house.
 See the mystery unfold in the Project Lost Demo!

Demo updates
  • Modified the opening puzzle to be less confusing
  • Added the first Sarah scene
  • Polished the doorman encounter
  • Added noise filters to rooms 5 - 23


Questions? Comments? Contact us at
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Looks fun ;-D congrats and hope to see it out soon :)


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Keyboard shorts is cute. That monster design is also pretty cool. Looks interesting!


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Just a quick update!
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Just a quick update everyone!

The bad ending of the project lost demo is complete!
I can now safely confirm that Project Lost will have a good, a bad, and a perfect ending!
I can't reveal much about it because spoilers, but I can guarantee it'll be satisfying and awesome! Thanks everyone!

Best wishes from Dan and Sarah
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So long everyone!
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It is with extreme sadness and regret that I officially put Project Lost on hold. This project's concepts have been in development since late 2012. As we finally began to develop the game it became more and more apparent that we do not have the skill, time, or talent to carry out this overly ambitious project. The characters and story are beloved to us, and we felt it would be an injustice to the concept to continue development at this quality. A polished
version of the complete game demo will be released shortly as well as an interactive concept art booklet based on the Project Lost Protagonist's journal. I apologize to the few of you who were actually looking forward to this project coming to life but now you'll have to wait a few more years to see it's fruition.

In the meantime:

My passion for interactive entertainment is limitless, and whenever I'm not working on a project I feel like I'm twiddling my thumbs or sitting on my hands. As a result, I'm going to be working on numerous side projects like experimental software and fun video games. All of these will be posted on the G-vo Devo website as they are developed. I encourage all of you to check it out some time.

Thanks for all of your help and support over the course of this development. We had a blast and I hope you did too. If any of you need help regarding ANYTHING, please let me know.
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