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The V-Dub Boyz <first project
« on: 05 Apr 2003, 21:23 »

The V-dub Boyz, are based on a cartoon series i did in the 90's based around real world characters
I'm doing it 3D, once the actor is created its a lot easier and faster than animating  pictures, i did consider drawing from the original cartoons but it didn't look right.
the plot's constantly changing, s'pose nothings set in stone, but the main plan begining and end remain the same :-\

this is my first attempt, i've got the first few rooms up and running, the main mans movement is looking good, but i've not tryed the speaking bits yet!

the haunted spooky woodz, i need to get rid of the orange haze from around him!

the first version of the start room, with room number prompts :-[ all the rooms interlink in a 3d house, so all the doorway images follow thro

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Re:The V-Dub Boyz <first project
« Reply #2 on: 06 Apr 2003, 15:41 »
ty Scummbuddy

the main  startrooms are finished, and now making spooky trees :-\, although i'm in the process of learning new software as TrueSpace kept bursting my models apart after they where saved! oh hum s'pose only nothings for free!  the main characters are now been hand drawn as they looked too 3d if that makes any sense! :-\
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Re:The V-Dub Boyz <first project
« Reply #3 on: 15 Apr 2003, 21:04 »
could anyone help with a Midi track? its Death in Vegas's Aisha, i can't find it, i  can get a "TAB"file  but my composer skills are zip! i wouldn't care but its only 3 or 4 chords all the way thro lol

cheers wOoDz
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Re:The V-Dub Boyz <first project
« Reply #4 on: 16 Apr 2003, 04:43 »
Looks cool.

Re:The V-Dub Boyz <first project
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interesting stuff!!!...
 :D :D


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Re:The V-Dub Boyz are dead enter the hat
« Reply #6 on: 30 Apr 2003, 15:05 »
the v_dub boyz is on hold maybe even scrapped, most of the puzzles were very prodictable, which mean it had great graphic, take me months to make and only getting 30 mins max playing time, been funny and slightly twisted wouldn't make for a good game. my biggest regret was building a web site named after the game!
so the new game is a gothic horror, with a sense of humour, the main character resembles a early version of marilyn manson, some of the plot may looosely follow some of his music content but in no way will it offend! unless you want it to ;), makes for easy sound track if nothing else lol
the story starts with the hat in goth prison, and his task is to escape, get past all the folks who want to see him nailed to the cross :-\ and return to "the "hole"
at this moment in time i can't see it been a long game, but the puzzles will make you think, the graphics look really great apart from the hat character he has a blue haze round him with him been 3d rendered and white face goes transparent when i upload the sprites :'(

the prison part is done, backgrounds and objects, and some testing  with walkable areas, but i need to sort the character now, he looks naff oh hum nevermind!

the great escape, well the cell ;D its the 3D version of the charactor, its a shame the sprite doesn't come out like that!