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"The Amazing Adventures of Bob and Rob" is my very first game about two characters from my web comics (
This game is a small demo from more to come. The story begins when Bob and Rob both lose their jobs at the office and return home. (Unfortunately also my current situation sadly enough) Rob however, a notorious alcoholic, gets drunk and it is up to the player (Bob) to get him to the job office in order to find a new job. This however is easier said than done... 

Ihe game is, like I said before, rather short, and some things are left out. I don't know yet for instance how to put multiple events at one hotspot, I hope to include this in the sequel! You can download the game from
The game itself is stored on my google drive.


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Looks amazing!

Multiple Events Hotspots:
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For multiple events on the same hotspot you'll be wanting to use an integer variable (HtSpt01) and "if" statements in the hotspot's "player clicks on" script like:
Code: [Select]
if (HtSpt01==3){Display ("Rob is starting to wake up."); HtSpt01 ++;}
if (HtSpt01==2){Display ("Rob woke up but went back to sleep."); HtSpt01 ++;}
if (HtSpt01==1){Display ("Rob won't wake up"); HtSpt02 ++;}

This example will change what the hotspot says each time the player clicks on it. If a different outside event triggers the change then put the HtSpt++; (HtSpt=HtSPt+1) in that part of the script instead.

I put the variable values in descending order so the game won't just choose the next higher after the previous line increases it.
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The download link is broken. "server not found"

EDIT: Works now !
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