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Author Topic: [Winner] SPRITE JAM: Doomsday Devices! - collect your trophies now!  (Read 6866 times)


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Re: SPRITE JAM: Doomsday Devices! - ends October 25th
« Reply #20 on: 02 Nov 2015, 13:17 »
@Valent Jaineshon, a pity you didn't finish yours. Seems to have been a promising start, since round things are (almost) always sinister.

I thought it ends at the 5th of November and I couldn't finish it earlier because I was busy studying for the exam... Oh well, here's what it should look like after construction completed:
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Well thanks for sharing nonetheless. Looks really good and suitably menacing.

Better luck next time, just enter the current one!


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Looks great Valent Jaineshon! (nod)
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