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Author Topic: Frank Further: The Further Adventures of Stanley "Frankfurter" Jones  (Read 3033 times)


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Hi all!

To anyone who has been keeping up with my occasional posts to my game in production thread for this game, then good news:  your long wait is partially over!  Although I have overshot my original target date of Summer 2014 by quite a bit, I am happy to report that my latest target date of Fall 2015 has more or less been hit.  I think technically I said I would have it done BEFORE fall, but whatever; during is just as good.

This game is the first chapter in what will eventually be a full-length sequel to my previous game, The Adventures of Stanley "Frankfurter" Jones.  If you have not yet played the original game, I would suggest playing it first as this game builds upon the story.  Here is the thread topic for the first game:


Following the events of the first game, Stinky Pete McCullogh is now living in a government-sponsored care facility for troubled youth.  His obsession with magic and the occult, along with his numerous and incessant attempts to contact Stanley "Frankfurter" Jones (a person his psychiatrists are convinced is imaginary), has earned him a reputation as a serious head case.  For the past year, his life has been dreary and uneventful; however, all of that changes one rainy night when he receives a very cryptic message sent to him in the form of a dream...a message sent by what appears to be a ghost.

Join Pete as he attempts to outwit and outmaneuver his wily captors.  He'll need to harness all of his extremely limited wits if he wants to escape this nightmarish facility and help his friend, a man who only he believes is real.


Much like it's predecessor, this game is.....not especially politically correct.  This game contains coarse dialogue, adult themes, explicit references to all sorts of nasty practices, and humor that you have to be pretty messed up to appreciate.  If you are the kind of person who is easily offended, you probably shouldn't play this game at all.  If you are the kind of person who is NOT easily offended, but will eventually become offended if someone is trying hard enough to offend you, know that this game puts forth a valiant effort.  Fair warning.

Here is the direct download link:


The game has also been posted to the AGS games database:


I feel like there will eventually be as few as 3 and as many as 5 chapters to this project, and my suspicion is that it's going to be quite a long stretch of time before the whole thing is finally done.  Now that this chapter is finished and uploaded, I will probably be taking a short hiatus from the project in order to finally finish up an old game I started work on about 5 years ago, as well as try to bang out another project for which I have had the idea rattling around in my head for some time now.  Considering that I pretty much started on this game immediately after the first game was done, I have been working on pretty much nothing but SFJ since about 2011 or so, and I kind of feel like I want to work on something else for a change.  However, once those projects are done I would like to get right back to this one.

That said, I would like to just take a quick moment to thank anyone who played the first game, as well as anyone who plays this game, for their interest.  The thought of attempting to at some point finish this game and wrangle it into some sort of attempt at a commercial release has been flitting across my mind lately, and I am curious to know who is playing this game and what they think of it.  If you played this game all the way through and feel strongly enough about it one way or the other to tell me what you think of it, I would be delighted to hear from you.

Also, if anyone who has any talents would be interested in possibly lending their talents to this project at some point in order to help get it done a little faster, I would be very interested in hearing from them as well.  I currently am looking for 3D artists, animators, sound designers, and possibly some coders willing to take the occasional odd job off my shoulders.  Let me know if you are interested.
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I just finished playing this game. I'd like to write up a detailed review like I usually do when I finish games I like but there's little I can say without giving away too much of the game for those who haven't played who read reviews despite all warnings.

So, let me summarize my thoughts:

- Good story. It continues where the last game ended and is intriguing enough to compel the user to play.
- The puzzles are excellent. They are fresh in the sense that although they do use some traditional elements, there is a lot of creative and original thinking behind them and at the difficulty level that makes them not too easy but never get to the point of frustrating, so the game flows well. I was able to get through the game with only getting really stuck once as I posted in the hints section and I'm not sure that the game was functioning as it should?
- I liked the 3D animation. I think it's better than the first game. The backgrounds and characters meshed well.
- The humour is sheer genius. The game is crude and offensive and many people use crude and offensive elements just to get some "shock laughs" without much intelligence in the jokes. The humour in this game is the exception and it's one of the rare games I've played just to get from one laugh to the next.

Spoiler: ShowHide
I liked the Back to the Future nod! Funny!

There are some weird scripting things and one puzzle that I would recommend changing (I'll send in PM) but other than that, this is one of the best games I've played in a while and I can't wait for the next chapter.

If you haven't played, then PLAY IT!

As the warning states in the original post and I've said already, the game is often crude and therefore not suitable for younger players or players who find foul language and sexual themes offensive.


Excellent game!
I enjoyed it a lot. The puzzles where right (in one place a bit too confusing, see hints, but excellent) and even though the language is sometimes rude, it is definitely a must-play. Graphics and text match the story well. I am looking forward to chapter 2