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    • I can help with proof reading
    • I can help with story design
    • I can help with voice acting

[Update Jan. 18th, 2018] I'm gonna take this recruiting one step at a time, so I'll start with gathering a spriter and background artist.

Would anyone want to join my next project?

I'm planning another "gift game" (i.e. game intended to be for, and about, a friend--similar to Nelly Cootalot, but at the same time different)

Sarimento on Hyperborean Island

The hero, Sarimento, had arrived on this wintry island after his airplane crash-landed.  He hears that a warlord and sorcerer duo is causing trouble for the people.


It would be great if Ben304 could be part of it, but that's a big if, since I know he's kinda busy with his own games himself.  So, if he can't join, anyone that can draw characters in the style of a 1980's to early 1990's Saturday Morning Cartoon.

Perhaps one or two spriters (for characters and inventory items--including the "special inventory"), and maybe one or two artists for the rooms (I'll provide the maps as reference to which door/road/whatever goes where).

Background Artist

As with the Spriting, I might need one or two background artists that can draw the rooms and such in the style of a 1980's to early 1990's Saturday Morning Cartoon.

Sketches I have provided.

Main character--Sarimento
Sarimento Reference

The Blaapeppe Family
Lara Blaapeppe
Skjold Blaapeppe, Lara's father
Nynne Blaapeppe, Lara's mother
Dynes Blaapeppe, Lara's older brother.

Other friendly characters
Isleif Vårpartenvarme, a farmer with a special greenhouse.
Vestar Verdifull, the shopkeeper
Asvor Søtølet, the bartender lady at the tavern
Thora Regnbue, an artist lady
Dr. Gardar Måneopp, an astronomer
Ulfar Smulsjø, manager of the harbor
Modolf Høyvann, a sailor
Rodrek Ildstedet, Lara's friend in nearby Safirbreen Town.
Christopher Rettferdiges, mayor of Safirbreen Town.
Bragi Fantasien, owner of a bookshop in Safirbreen Town.
Bruni Treningsrom, owner of a sports goods store in Safirbreen Town.
Gunnolf Hvitmarmor, sculptor in Safirbreen Town.
Dr. Valbrand Selje, Safirbreen Town's local doctor.
Jarl Nikkel, Safirbreen Town's mechanic.
Vigdess Honningbrød, baker lady in Safirbreen Town.
Princess Melkorka Østersjøen, princess of an undersea city state:
--Mermaid Form
--Human Form
King Yngvar and Queen Svanlaug Østersjøen, rulers of the undersea city-state, and Melkorka's parents.
Ulfar Kalsedon, the true governor of Kvarstopp City (yes, there's a second Ulfar character--I didn't realized this till I looked my notes over again).
Hildir Jubileum, owner of a party shop in Kvarstopp City.
Thurid Akvamarin, jeweler lady in Kvarstopp City.
Niels Skilpadden, a turtle who owns the theater in the undersea city-state.
Thorfin Gnister, owner of an electronics store in Kvarstopp City.

Warlord Pertteli Hallanlavan and Sorcerer Vekell Sorteisen, the two main villains.
Zelmer Graniten, a punk that Sarimento encounters in Safirbreen Town.
Livius Pyriten, an imposter pretending to be Kvarstopp City's mayor while the true mayor is locked up.
Sketches of Inventory Items

Island Map
Flower Pot
Pink Flower
Ship Boarding Pass
Old Astrolabe
Freyja Wristwatch
Seljord Postcard
Rodrek’s Reply Letter
Diving Suit (so we may need to have sprites of Sarimento in the suit as well)
Platinum Mermaid Statuette
25 Krona Envelope
Platinum Medal
Clear Glass Flask
Pink Flower Nectar
Healereneple Fruit
Very Mild Mead
40 Krona Envelope
Nymph Statuette
Pumpkin Bread Recipe
Bag of Pumpkin Bread Ingredients
Special Pumpkin Bread
Strong Canvas
Strong Rope
Power Generator
Magic Chest of Gems
Kvarstopp Bracelet
Yellow Coral
Orange Coral
Pink Coral
Special Battery
Brass Alloy Antenna
Invisibility Bracer
Soft Wax
Key Mold
Key Maker Activation Card
Duplicate Dungeon Key

So, if any are interested, please send me a PM and we'll talk more there.  Let's get something happenin' here!

(If I don't get a team assembled by July 2016, I may have to do this solo.  But it would be a better idea to have a team help out.)

[Update] I had to make some changes since the original Kyrandia-style idea wasn't going as planned.  Mainly changed up the Verb Coin a bit and do an inventory opened and shut by right click.
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