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Jump! Jack! Flash! (Polished Version!)
« on: 31 Jul 2016, 03:13 »
It's time for more "Lost in the Boondocks"!

After achieving the 2nd Place in the glorious MAGS May competition and with great feedback I returned to the project...
and the new, polished version of my MAGS Game "Jump! Jack! Flash!" is coming along nicely!


After getting caught cheating on his girlfriend with the neighbor and thrown out of the apartment in Toronto, a young canadian rolling stones fan drives off to the USA, where he wants to sort his life and maybe find a new job. But in his haste he forgets to fill the tank of his '97 Honda Legend, takes a wrong turn on a national forest road and breaks down in the middle of nowhere near the canadian border. From now on he has to face not only his car problems but also all these small lovely cultural differences and the harshness of washington state citizens. Will he overcome all obstacles, fix his car and finally get to his destination or is he forever doomed to wait for help in the boondocks?

Here are the current features:

- 320x240 pixel art fun!
- neat light effects
- game lenght somewhere between 30min and 1 hour
- includes Rolling Stones covers!
- one scrollable outdoor location to explore!
- Three characters to get to now and love (or hate) (or both)!

What's new in Version 2.0:

- Moar SFX!
- Moar animations!
- Moar puzzles!
- Moar cinematic intro!
- proper game ending!
- Custom made start menu!
- Custom made inventory bar!
- Finally a save function! (1Slot only ^^)!!!

What's also planned:

- Talkie Version in English! (featuring the voices of Gfreezie(Glenjamin), SinSin and Cat)
- German translation


currently working on:

- language check
- voice recording

Downloadable 4 free soon!
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Re: Jump! Jack! Flash! (Polished Version!)
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sieht gut aus