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Monkey Island Zero - Navidad
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The Monkey Island World is proud to announce the release of the italian translation/version of
Monkey Island Zero - Navidad (Monkey Island Zero - Regalo di Natale) (by Grog Games)
This game includes the translation of dialogues, GUI and graphics, as well as the correction of some bugs.

Author(s): GrogGames
Additional AGS programming and graphics:
Thanks to 'utdefault' for rewriting the Globalscript (miworld.eu)
Translation team & dialogues revision: Giocherellone, utdefault (miworld.eu)
Beta Test & additional graphics: utdefault (miworld.eu)
Many thanks to:
Federico M. for the support in our forum (miworld.eu)
The Arena80 forum for hosting the game.

Spanish screens
Spoiler: ShowHide

English screens
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Italian screens
Spoiler: ShowHide

Quote from: Summary
LeChuck and Murray were already fellow adventurers before landing on Monkey Island ... But how could two pirates like them interact, before dedicating themselves to Voodoo?

Quote from: Curiosity
This game is some sort of "mix" with comics. The insults list used by Murray was taken from Captain Haddock's own list, from The Adventures of Tintin (here Haddock's insult generator).

The game can be downloaded here.
The source code is here.

Quote from: Notes
  • To be able to enjoy this game in Spanish, English or Italian language, choose the desired language in winsetup.exe file, under "Game language" ("Game default" corresponds to Spanish).
  • If you have problems in playing the game in fullscreen mode, try selecting directdraw + max filter in winsetup.exe or try different settings for Graphic Driver and Graphic Filter (the best combination should be "DirectDraw5 and Max Nearest-neghbour Filter", however you can try others based on your PC); moreover, you must uncheck "Side borders on widescreen monitors"

At this link you can find the translation thread, for requests, questions and comments.

Thank you all for the enthusiasm with which you support us: it gives us the right spirit and thus allows us to continue to pursue these fantastic projects!

Also, a big THANK YOU to Arena80 forum for giving us permission to host our work on their web space.

Have fun and Happy Holidays from all of us!
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Re: Monkey Island Zero - Navidad
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This looks awesome, looking so much forward to give a test run!
Thanks bunch for sharing!

Oh, and the first image on the Italian screens, looks Spanish to me.
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Re: Monkey Island Zero - Navidad
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Yes, they got mixed up... fixed, thanks.