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+1 looking forward for site, always dreamed of ags games in one place, feature req. - direct download links

Denzil Quixode:
Since it's the 15th anniversary of the first MAGS this month, I went through and found all the games that I couldn't find any working download for online (at least without contacting people directly) - it would be great to have some of these available again!


* August: "Monkeyville (or How The Dread Pirate Jakob Acquired An Unhealthy Animosity Toward Primates)" (Nickboy77)
2002: (complete!)

* December: "MuuYeeb the Ghost" (Trapezoid)

* June: "Barry Snotter and the Meaning of Life" (wOoDz with Hotshot)
* September: "Terence Independent Terminator" (Paranoia)
* September: [winner!] "Genbus Favour" (taryuu)
2004: (complete!)

2005: (complete!)

2006: (complete!)

2007: (complete!)

2008: (complete!)

2009: (complete!)

* June: "Souls Quest" (jerakeen)
* July: [winner!] "Billy Boy's Important Wine Lottery" (Gudforby)
* August: "The Secret Plan 1 - Running to stand still" (tzachs)
* October: [winner!] "Samarkand" (Babar)
* October: "The Energizer" (tzachs)
* October: "Ted McBinky and his Steam Engine" (FSi)
* October: "One Of A Kind" (Crimson Wizard)
* November: "The Hunt for Goldbeard" (Bulbapuck)
* December: [winner!] "Snow Queen - After The Apocalypse" (Kastchey)
2010: (complete!)

* April: "Dead Hand" (Limping Fish)
* April: "ALPHABETA" (Crimson Wizard)
* May: [winner!] "Wall-E: The Fan Game" (markbilly)
* May: "Living Nightmare: Endless Dreams" (Domithan)
* June: [winner!] "Tale" (Calin Leafshade)
* September: "Abduction" (mode7)
2011: (complete!)

* January: "Death as it Is" (Zetsaika)
* April: "RunAway" (Matti)
* September: [winner!] "Forest Dweller" (icey games)
2012: (complete!)

* January: "Scum Pub" (Ekeko)
* January: [winner!] "HUBRIS" (Ghost)
* April: "Between the Pillars of Creation" (Cogliostro)
2013: (complete!)

* May: "Deep Hope" (Cleanic)
* August: "Summer Woes" (Adeel S. Ahmed and Oldschool_Wolf)

* May: "Urgent Quest" (Hedge)
* July: [winner!] "The New Familiar" (Granary)
2015: (complete!)

* June: "Fanbots" (LostTrainDude, Kastchey, CaptainD)

And you added a great number of them to, cool!

Denzil Quixode:
Yep, well spotted! :) I was going to try to make it as complete as possible before mentioning it on the forum... the ones I could find, I set up a mirror there. I put about 50 into the "Community Software" area that anyone can upload to, then sent an email to requesting a dedicated collection for MAGS games and listing all the ones I already uploaded, which they did after a couple of days.

Peder 🚀:
This is brilliant Denzil, thanks for the info! :), will take a better look next week.


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