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Goodbye Captain, bring the flag down
Clear the deck! The king lost his crown.
Who could have known it would all come to end?
So long, forever, my friend.

Thank you for providing us with such a great service, Peder.

Sad. Never got whitelisted. Was so hopeful that this would be 'teh way of the future'.

Peder 🚀:
Just pulled the plug, if you would like to download the files you had hosted on your service let me know and I'll provide you a zip download.
If anyone want their subdomain pointed to another server or website let me know and I can get that sorted out too!

Hi Peder. I'm not sure what I had stored on there that I don't have backed up anyway, but I wouldnt mind that zip anyway, just to see if there are any surprises.

Thanks for that service. It was very kind of you. I kept intending to take more advantage but never really found a use.

Peder 🚀:
Looks like you had a couple of games hosted on there, I'll get these added on "classic" AGSA tonight so you can update the AGS db to use those links instead.
I've pm-ed the link to your zip download!

If anyone else had games hosted on your hosting that now is broken, give me a shout and I'll have the game added to "classic" AGSA so the AGS db can be updated so downloads no longer are broken!


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