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Utopia of a Tyrant (political/thriller)
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Utopia of a Tyrant is a short political/thriller game/mod made in 2013 during Gezi Park protests.

Game takes place in an imaginary country in which people revolts against a totalitarian state. You are a police officer who is about to interrogate a protester girl. It's a harsh game with graphic violence, you are warned.

What I wanted to focus on is the police brutality and totalitarianism we suffer in Turkey. Atrocities those would be considered as war crimes are committed by Turkish police, against the very Turkish people, while most of us did nothing worse than protesting the government. We deal with a matter as serious as life and death. Utopia of a Tyrant is the artistic expression of my fear and anger.

Why I call this game also a "mod" is because I used models and textures for Half-Life 2 and Left 4 Dead series for renders.


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Re: Utopia of a Tyrant (political/thriller)
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This looks like a serious project you have poured your soul and emotions about personal experience into.

I'm going to give it a serious look later today!