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I know, I know, it's not AGS, shame!

I've been in doubt between AGS and the Adventure Creator plugin for Unity for a while before I finally settled on Adventure Creator. I decided on AC mostly because I felt like it would automatically force me to learn Unity as well, which is a great tool in itself. Truth be told, a large advantage that AGS has over AC is these forums; they're great, active, friendly and helpful. Just the thing an aspiring amateur game creator needs for feedback and encouragement to keep going. So I was hoping to capitalise on that even though I'm not using AGS, and I hope nobody minds. To my great pleasure, you even have a place for non-AGS games (these forums, apparently :o). So here goes:


It's really just a joke project. A concept that is fun and easy in order to learn the tools before I start on a bigger, more serious project. The premise is this:

Flip the bird throws a large party at his house. During this party, he gets so drunk that he passes out and during that time and the morning, his house gets absolutely trashed by his guests and some of his things are stolen. It's up to Flip to piece together who was at his party from clues left around his house, so that he can find them and give them a big fat middle finger (flip the bird! hah!). That's it, really. A bird that flips people (and things) off for revenge.

I'm learning all of this stuff from no experience in coding or game creation at all, so any tiny little thing I manage to figure out feels like a massive achievement (even though they're probably not). So far I've figured out:


Actionring and Inventory

VERY IMPORTANT, the ability to flip things off (ANYTHING):

Room switching:


I'll keep this thread updated as I go along. Feel free to give me feedback or ask questions, or even ask me anything about the plugin I'm using for Unity: It's pretty sweet so far and fairly easy to learn, but unfortunately I can't compare it to AGS since I haven't tried it.


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I haven't seen any pixel art in AC before. This looks lovely - you do the art an injustice by not including some images in your post!

Hey guys! It's been a while. I picked this back up again (finally after a long time), and am starting out with some background art before I dive into re-figuring out the software again.

Here's a beach scene overview (will be zoomed in for actual gameplay of course):

We have some movement!

Concept is hilarious, and that bird looks like a complete a-hole which is very fitting. (laugh) The art looks so polished for a 'joke project'. Looking forward to this!

The art looks very good! and the concept, indeed, can be very funny