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Re: Offer Your Services!
« Reply #80 on: 14 Feb 2020, 00:39 »
I'll probably post again once I have a "sample" or two, but I'm considering entering the world of freelance copywriting, and especially copywriting for games (AGS or otherwise).

Again, I'll post again once I have something that can be used as a sample, but I figured I'd offer that service in the near future.

Re: Offer Your Services!
« Reply #81 on: 23 Feb 2020, 09:46 »
Hey folks!

I am offering my service as an unpaid translator (German <-> English) as I want to improve.
My only project I have worked on so far is a german translation for the game "Dead Cells" on steam, so I have a little bit of experience.
Feel free to contact me via PM or mail if you need your game localized in german or english.

Thank you!


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Re: Offer Your Services!
« Reply #82 on: 26 May 2020, 20:23 »
Greetings gang - I'm Adam, a music composer and producer who has worked on short films, video games, and other commercial work.

My complete demo reel can be heard on my website RobotCoffin.com or on SoundCloud.

My most recent project was the animated comedy short, Satina: Bring Your Demon to Work Day (YouTube Link).

My most recent game project was the sci-fi drama adventure game, Stardrop (Steam Link). Trailer (YouTube Link)

Best wishes, gamers.

Re: Offer Your Services!
« Reply #83 on: 04 Sep 2020, 20:30 »
Hey there!

I am offering my service as a paid or unpaid translator (Spanish <-> English) as I want to improve and gain more experience.
I just finished translating from Spanish to English for the game Urban Witch Story, made by Post Modern Adventures.
I am also offering proofreading services for English text only.
Feel free to contact me via PM or email  ;-D

Thank you!


Re: Offer Your Services!
« Reply #84 on: 05 Nov 2020, 09:53 »
I would like to offer my services as:

- Proofreader / copy editor (English and Spanish): ensuring correct grammar, spelling and punctuation, as well as internal consistency (naming schemes, capitalization, etc). Requires a copy of the full game script in any text document format. Billed per word.

- Localization tester (Spanish only): includes the above, plus in-game testing for untranslated words or sentences, making sure all special characters (e.g., accents) are displayed correctly, and ensuring that text fits correctly in all containers without overflow or truncation. Requires a working copy of the full game, preferably with debugging tools enabled. Billed per hour on top of the regular per-word proofreading rate.

Minimum of 1,000 words for assignments in Euros with no conversion, 2,000 words for other currencies.

I will proofread texts under 500 words for free (e.g., short intros, texts for cutscenes, etc), and I'm also open to working for free if you're making a non-commercial game and the project piques my interest.


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Re: Offer Your Services!
« Reply #85 on: 07 Nov 2020, 01:25 »
I'm offering an ear for music, and tips @ mixing/mastering/composing, 20+ years experience. My best take (music) on an intense RT'S classic theme (It's heavy metal, youtube link, but don't want to post it all over the thread). So it's in a spoiler  ;)

Spoiler: ShowHide

Also offering an eye for pixelart, some of my work you can find here, Instagram link: https://www.instagram.com/andreasblack1/:
I will soon change to that username, created one here before, but forgot the password, haha!!

Characters, BG's, help with Character Design, not animating, suggestions how to make things look better, or such. If you happen to like what i do. Give me a follow, i'm very happy whenever i get a new follower.  (laugh) Otherwise tell me to gtfo  (nod) Takes too much time, to help with animations, so can't do that. Caught up in my own shit, Sorry. (laugh)

Those other services just explained are all free of charge tho! 8-)

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