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Los Angeles based music composer here. Most of my experience is in film and video projects, but I am eager to break into the video game music scene.

Examples of my music can be found on my website: www.jacobshrummusic.com

I have experience working tight deadlines and am more than willing to offer a few freebies to get my feet wet!


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I would love to start contributing music to adventure games. I can do this for free because I am trying to get some experience and increase my folio of work.  I have been making music for over 15 years, but have only started publishing on the internet. You can find some samples of my work at:

Speech/Talkie Recording
I don't have much experience in voice acting or narration, but I would love to help out if required. You can hear a sample of my voice at:

Story Design and Proof Reading
I am also an avid adventure gamer and have a strong sense how puzzles and stories can fuse together to form an amazing adventure game. I'd love to help out with story and I can also proof read.

If you are interested in any of my free services, you can leave a post on my website or e-mail bradleyward01@gmail.com
-"Writing about music is like dancing about architecture".

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Contact Email: music@jonbabb.com
Hello, my name is Jon.

I am a film-style musician and orchestrator. I have nine years in experience and I have worked on a few RPG and Adventure games before. I tend to lean on the fantasy genre, but let me know exactly what setting your game takes place in and we will have a look.

Some quick examples below:

My Missing Girl (Fantasy)
She is Lovely (Cinematic)
Dreamworld (Cinematic)

I have a wide range of resources available to me, so let me know exactly what you are looking for. Please PM me or send me an email at: music@jonbabb.com if you wish for a quick response.

You don't have to work at a professional level to get my help, so I am open to almost anything. Right now I prefer to work on graphical adventure games.

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Hey there! Im searching for people here on AGS thats are from sweden!?

My name is Martin and i'm located in umeå sweden. I work with graphics on my spare time, mostly to different games, and different platforms.
mostly backgrounds.

I recently posted this works:

And here is a old game i was working on AGS:

Now i want to work with other people that like adventure games, and have different skills.

The goal is to to something real good!
I have some big ideas (laugh)(laugh)(laugh)


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I'm not a great artist or a programmer and I'm very rusty from not doing this stuff but I'll try to help out if and when I can.  :-[ I'm so sorry again to the few people who did ask for my help and I was unable to aid them...I failed them. I warn others here that I might disappoint you , I don't mean to...really , I don't! I greatly appreciate any requests and I'll try not to let you down.... ;)...thanks everyone for letting me be a member here and letting me chime in sometimes with the various conversations here. (laugh)

Admittedly , I only kinda know how to code webpages from doing my own work on my own stuff before and I always need to be looking at other stuff while / when I'm working on sites...I don't have that crap memorized anymore and even back then I would need notes and stuff in front of me in order to help...that's how I've always worked when it comes to webpages / websites. :-[

I don't know if laptops have built in microphones or what. I don't know a whole heck of a lot about laptops even though I've been using some for five or six years now. I am considering getting a new microphone and seeing if I can get it to work with / on my laptop somehow. I will probably be installing paint shop pro soon. That's what I've used before along with Microsoft paint and other things back when I was making stuff for the art side. Just giving you all a heads up , I am rather busy these days but I will try and make time for other people. Maybe after dad gets back from vacation and this stupid skin problem I've got disappears , I can be more proactive on my wannabe game creator and game helper dreams...( Ugh, I wish this horrid stuff would stop soon! I hate having weird rashes and itchy bumps all over my skin! )
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Hi Guys,

I've dabbled with AGS for over 10 years, however my coding skills are rudimentary at best. Looking for some relatively quick-release projects that I can contribute to (MAGS etc.).

I can also offer voice acting as well as contributions to game mechanics, story structure & dialogue.

I have attached below some examples of my style.

I have very little experience with animation but I am happy to contribute also.

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Hey gents and dames,

Seeing all these people here makes me wonder if this post is even necessary (feels like all the positions are already filled up). :D

However, if anyone needs a beta tester, I'd be happy to pitch in. :)
If you are open towards various types of voices, I could try out voice-acting too (talking, singing and sounds). Should you be interested in examples, feel free to contact me.

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I'm a software developer looking to get involved in the programming/scripting of an adventure game project on my off-hours.

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Hey all,

     I'm new to the forums. Very recently decided to finally start an old aspiration in making an adventure game. I'm also a professional music producer, signed to Plasmapool record label, also interested in doing more soundtrack work so all the while I'd like to offer my services sound and music services.

 - I can compose all forms of original music and styles I can create, i,e 16-bit, orchestrated, electronic
 - I am open to writing any style of music, i.e horror, melodic, intrigue, sci-fi, medieval
 - Also I have a recording set up so certain SFX I can produce and voice acting can be done here to a degree.

 Of course it goes without saying I will only dedicate my time to a project that will be finished =)

Here is a link to a profile of mine (mostly dance music with one orchestrated soundtrack):

   Thanks, Click =)

Jay Dee

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Hey all,
    Been on the forums a while and decided I would like to participate more in the community.
    I have in the past been constructing my own game but would like to focus more on the art side of things so I am offering my services as an artist.
    I'm mostly a character artist, my backgrounds are rudimentary at best but I dabble and just generally want to improve overall and maybe make some new friends along the way.

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I am Jose de la Parra the Music Director of WoodLock Studios
I am a profesional composer with a Masters in Film Scoring and a Especialization in Music Production

If you are looking for some profesional music and Sound Design Please Contact Us
We have a great team able to make your wishes come true!

He have make music for people all around the world having a %100 good response from our clients

Please visit our portafolio here!

Music for Videogames Portafolio

Sound design Portafolio

if you are interested pls contact us via email

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Hi everyone,

My name is Vinko and I'm a composer for Games, Film and TV. I studied film scoring, orchestration and media composition at Berklee College of Music. I write in a wide range of styles, from Orchestral to modern Electronic. I've been actively working as a media composer for the last few years.

Here's my website where you can listen to my music, read my bio and contact me if you are interested in my services: www.vinkoborcic.com

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,

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Offer realistic graphics for background, items and so on, but not characters.

Examples of my stuff you can see here:


2D renders: http://forum.textadventures.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=5022
2D hand-drawn: http://www.hoer-talk.de/showthread.php/21270-Beispiele-Queerbeet-durch-die-Stile
Also I can do photo-manipulation (Photoshop).

Just message me with a description of youre project. Non-profit, and i work for free if the project is interesting and organised.
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I am a Minnesota/Minneapolis based artist specializing in music composition and I would like to create a soundtrack/tracks for your upcoming game.

This is my passion and I put 110% in all of my work regardless of the size or scope of project.
I can make music for you that is unique, stands out and is memorable, making a lasting impression.
I am flexible, adaptive and can help you reach your goals and your vision.

Please check some of my samples below and if you are interested contact me and we can talk more about what you need.


(Feel free to listen to some of my non-digital music as well if you wish , they are all 100% original compositions)

I am currently trying to build a portfolio, so my services will be free of charge, I just require to be given proper credit for my work.

So if you are an up and coming game developer with a limited budget I may be perfect for you!


Thank you for your time.



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Greetings Fellow Gamers, Admittedly I had to take a break from the computer and avgs due to real life and just now getting back into the flow of things and hoping to do lots for the avgs community as well as complete a few of my upcoming projects anyhow with all that being said if there is anyone here who currently needs a Game Play Tester I would be happy to help just shoot me a message and we can go from there thanks and have a great day/night:)
Please feel free to check out www.theonlyjbs.com we got a little something for everyone

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Who am I? Nate Combs!
Where can you find my portfolio? Nate Combs Media Website
How can you contact me? There are forms on my site, or you can email me directly at natecombsmedia@gmail.com

Thanks for taking the time to check out my portfolios on my site or my fan-base on YouTube. There isn't much I love more than scoring a great game and working with an inspired team. I do a wide variety of unique styles, and I'm particularly crazy about RPGs, adventure games, action games, platformers, etc. As a full-time composer with a master's degree in game scoring, you can be sure that I'll give you the highest quality work your game needs, and I have a reputation for quick turnaround times on top of that quality.

Some recent reviews include:

Holy crap man, that was fast! It's perfect, I love it.†‹ This music fits perfectly with the theme I wanted. I'm excited. This music adds a new level of depth to my game. I was amazed how fast the song was made and how professional it sounded. Exactly what I wanted. (Facility)
Of course [fans] love the music…it was like an unstoppable blast of pure mid 90's carnage. (Hoverchase)
     -Alan, Game Developer, AlanPlease (FL, United States)

Nate has repeatedly gone above and beyond all of my expectations in both quality and service. Just by giving him a theme or a simple tune, Nate Combs has composed for me five different songs [or scores]. My current projects are nothing without his music, and that's why I plan on hiring him for all of my musical and audio related needs. I highly recommend him to anyone who requires custom audio and music for their projects.  (Floppy Box)
     -Jeremy, Ikinine (OH, United States)

So, shoot me an email. I'd love to find out about your needs and talk about scoring your next game!

Other relevant information:

What are your rates?
Rates are a bit dependent on the project. I typically charge per finished minute [pfm] of music composed. Send me your budget information and stylistic preferences, and I'll help you to come up with a good, fair quote.

Are you a good communicator?
Excellent, thankfully...it's one of the highest non-musical praises I get in my reviews. So, if you have any questions, even if they are regarding other areas of your creative mind, send me an email. I keep it linked to my phone and can respond usually within a few hours.

What services does a composer offer?
Nowadays, pretty much everything. From conception to completion (with the recommendation of outsourcing the final mastering of any audio), we have to be ready to do it all. I am very skilled at writing, arranging, orchestrating, recording, editing, and mixing music. I offer the option to master the works of others, and in some cases, my own work if you are unable to get fresh ears on the job.

Thousands of dollars of high tech gear—like music's version of Maya, Unity, Unreal, Wwise, etc.—help make everything you hear absolutely stunning. I even play several instruments and know tons of professional singers and live instrumentalists, so extra life can be added to your score through the utilization of these talents. If your budget is huge, you could even hire an orchestra to play the full score!

Thanks again for your consideration,

Nate Combs

Queen Kara

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I did it again , stayed away from the forums for far too long when I was going to check in at least once every day....fell off the wagon big time. :-[

My deepest and most sincere apologies to anyone who ever considered me for help on their project. I hope this is still the right place to post something like this.

I have decided to stop trying to be a helper when I am obviously incapable of delivering...since there is so much that still needs to be done, I have barely scratched the surface of things I want to accomplish, laptops don't last as long as I'd like them to, ect.

My terrible lack of a respectable skill level disables me from being a good helper - ( when it comes to art and even programming )

I keep having to start over various projects for various reasons and my own work is barely started....


Anyway I still won't ever completely give up on my game creation dreams, but honestly this is all so hard for me and I would keep choosing watching anime or playing games other people have made...every time , over working on my own stuff. Or doing other things instead of working on my projects. It's rare for me to make notes and stuff but I'm going to TRY to start some offline folders and make backups and other stuff I should be doing so that at least if something happens to my new laptop I won't have to get all upset over things lost in a crash because I'll have done the smart thing and have made backups along with "hardcopies" of notes and stuff for each game project I want to finish someday. Right now it's like I'm a beginner all over again at so many things and I have been stuck at a low level in art for years.
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    • I can help with play testing
    • I can help with translating
    • I can help with voice acting
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Translation English-Greek / Greek-English

I am fluent in both languages but so far I have only engaged in amateur translation as a hobby.
My most recent work is the Greek translation of the first three episodes of The Last Door .

Voice acting

Every time I played a talkie game I thought how cool it would be if I were to lend my voice to a female character!
So I made my first attempt in Beyond Eternity.
I think my accent is pretty good in both languages and I have a good articulation.
I am also good at imitating various accents and changing my voice accordingly.
You can download a sample I made here .


Never done it exclusively but I would like to try it.


Adventure games are my passion so I would be willing to provide my services for this genre only.

My free time is not plenty but it will be enough if there is a reasonable deadline.


If you are in the process of making an adventure game (commercial or not) and are interested in recruiting me feel free to PM me.
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Hi my name is Jack Odell, I compose and produce music for video games. My style leans quite heavily on electronic, I love synthesisers and try to make most of my sounds from scratch with them. In addition to electronic music, I'm a retro RPG guy at heart and Nobuo Uematsu and Yasunori Mitsuda have been huge influences on my work and I enjoy making all kinds of genre of music.

Projects I've Worked On

Here's a trailer for a project I'm currently working on called PONCHO.

You can listen to a few more tracks from PONCHO here:

Other Work

Bubble: Journey to the End of the World
‘Bubble' is a little arcade game for iOS

‘BERMUDA' is a weekend project I helped out on for Ludum Dare 2013

A Brilliant Blue
‘A Brilliant Blue' is a student short film I scored in 2014

And here's an extended audio version of the film, with narration:

If you'd like to get in contact with me, you can message me here or shoot me a message on my Twitter or email.
twitter: @jack_odell
email:   jackodellmusic@gmail.com

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Hi, my name is Davi Vasc and I am a music composer. My music education ranges from classical orchestration and composition to popular music like rock and jazz. I have been working as a music producer and performer for about 5 years and I am now going into the video game music business. I have been a gamer since de late NES era.

I am mainly interested in composing cinematic orchestrated music or more rock/pop oriented music.

Listen to some of my tracks on my website http://www.vascmusic.com/

I am currently looking for work experience and credentials in the industry, so I MAY be willing to work for free depending on how promising your project looks. Don't hesitate to contact me :)
Davi Vasc - Music composer