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Author Topic: The Tale of Lonkey Island  (Read 16244 times)

Re: The Tale of Lonkey Island
« Reply #20 on: 27 Nov 2017, 02:23 »
I am loving this game (and wondering why I hadn't found it sooner actually)!  I'm having a huge issue though--I had posted elsewhere earlier today that I was stuck at the whack-a-rat game (couldn't win it), after many, many, many tries, I finally beat it.  Problem is, right after I won, my game (Lonkey Island, not whack-a-rat) immediately crashed!  I restored from an earlier spot and tried to once again win (again, it took many, many tries), only to have the same thing happen. 

I'm trying to beat the whack-a-rat once more so that I can write down the error message I'm getting when it crashes, but of course now I'm having a hard time winning for a third time.  So, in the meantime--has this happened to anyone else??  I've come so far in Lonkey, but still have so far to go--and I would REALLY hate it to not be able to finish Lonkey Island!  Any suggestions would be much appreciated.  I'm pretty resigned to the fact that I'm probably screwed though. :(


Re: The Tale of Lonkey Island
« Reply #21 on: 28 Nov 2017, 16:12 »
Hi Sarah,

great to hear, that you have so much fun with the game. :-D

Also thanks for reporting that bug. You're not the first one who reports it (but the first one who's stated that the bug occurs twice).
Unfortunately I haven't managed to reconstruct it yet.
I'm currently working on a new release-version, in which I hope I have fixed it. (I just hope, because till I cannot reconstruct the error, I also cannot test the fix.).

Up to this, you still should be able to finish the minigame one time (not many really got it, as I mentioned above).
To beat it, just think about that's it's not like that in Sam&Max (despite it looks like). No fast clicking is required here, but to know, where the rat will occur next.
The tourists will give you some hints. ;)

Re: The Tale of Lonkey Island
« Reply #22 on: 30 Nov 2017, 21:47 »
Well, dang.  If the bug isn't fixable, then I'm toast!  This game as a whole has been really fun though.  I haven't asked around the circus people to get hints about the rat, but I have noticed that it is completely dependent on timing, whether you guess the correct hole or not.  I have tried to play it many times where I just WATCH to see if there's a repeat pattern of which hole he comes out of in what order, but I've gotten several different patterns.  I don't know if that's supposed to happen though, or if my game is messed up?  Regardless, I will try to get the bug to repeat again so that I can report the error message.

Frustrating!  But only because I really like this game.  :(

Re: The Tale of Lonkey Island
« Reply #23 on: 05 Dec 2017, 06:44 »
I didn't said it isn't fixable. It just isn't testable!
You really didn't managed to finish the mini game without an error?

Try this:
Spoiler: ShowHide

Direct after start:
-Hit onto the left hole (nearest to Grisush)
-Hit onto the right hole (widest from Grisush)
-Hit onto the top hole

Re: The Tale of Lonkey Island
« Reply #24 on: 06 Dec 2017, 07:14 »
Hey again!  Nope...I haven't been able to complete the mini-game without it crashing.  (Thank you for posting the quick spoiler though, so I could more easily re-try.)

Here is the error message:

"An error has occurred.  Please contact the game author for support, as this is likely to be a scripting error and not a bug in AGS.
in 'playerExtends.asc', line 42
from 'room102.asc', line 168
from 'room102.asc', line 200
Error: NewRoom: cannot run this command, since there was a NewRoom command already queued to run in 'playerExtends.asc', line 42."

--This is probably irrelevant info, but I thought I'd post it to you anyway, just in case.  I have no idea how game programming works, so I can't really distinguish "unfixable" from "untestable".  It's sad that I'm not able to complete it...I do know that if you ever put out an updated version one day that I'd be excited to make an attempt at replay.  It truly is a fun game.


Re: The Tale of Lonkey Island
« Reply #25 on: 07 Dec 2017, 19:42 »
Thank you for your error description. That sounds exactly like the bug I mentioned above. I'm also working on a new version in which I hope I have fixed it.

Re: The Tale of Lonkey Island
« Reply #26 on: 09 Mar 2018, 21:45 »
Due to the great support of the Monkey Island World Forum (,
I can present you the next release version 1.2, including:
- Fixed a lot of issues
- Added Italian translation

Thank you for your great support!

Re: The Tale of Lonkey Island
« Reply #27 on: 11 Mar 2018, 00:24 »
Awesome!  Although I don't really want to start over, I'll be looking forward to hopefully being able to complete it this time!

Re: The Tale of Lonkey Island
« Reply #28 on: 11 Feb 2019, 20:54 »
I have a savestate from the english version, now i have update it with italian language, but savestate dont work, any fix, please?