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Author Topic: SRAM 2 - Cinomeh's Revenge  (Read 11954 times)


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DEMO: SRAM 2 - Cinomeh's Revenge
« Reply #20 on: 21 May 2017, 13:46 »
I just released a short but playable demo to give you an impression about what this text-parser game is going to be :)

At the download page:
  • click the big 'download-this-game' button for the Windows demo.
  • click the mirror for the Linux demo.

Type h or help or hit the F1 button to show all the commands and special keys.

here's a complete list of commands and special keys:
Spoiler: ShowHide

Move the character: type n, e, s, w, u or d
help/instruction screen: type h or help or hit F1
Change graphic mode: type m or mode or hit F2
Repeat last typed line: hit F3
Take in-game screenshot: hit F4 (placed in savegame directory)
List inventory items: type list or hit TAB
Save game: type save or hit F5
Load game: type load or restore or hit F7
Restart game: type restart or hit F9
Quit game: type q, quit or stop or hit CTRL-Q

Known issues:
When trying to run the demo in full screen using the Direct3D9 driver, I get a black unresponsive screen. This is has been reported.
Current solution: you can run the game full-sreen using the DirectDraw5 driver, which is set as default driver.
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