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@Creamy - but is that because they are supposed to look a bit strange? ...  :wink:

@KyriakosCH - thanks!

@DBowWheeler - Aviv has the skills, and the artistic talent, I have the ... er... I have what I've got!

I think he really wanted it to be outright horror initially but that's really not my thing at all so I would describe this very much as a thriller with horrific themes.  But don't expect a gore-fest here because you won't get one! 

It’s going great, just over halfway through the campaign and we’re 93% funded.  ;-D

Today also added a new reward tier which includes exclusive “Making of” commentary and short story.


Having already passed our initial funding target, we have added stretch goals to "The Corruption Within":

-£2,500  Enhanced and narrated intro & outro
-£3,250  2 secret rooms in the mansion
-£4,000  Additional multiple ending possibilities




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Congrats on getting funded!  :-D
There are those who believe that life here began out there...

Thanks Cassie!  ;-D

Congrats on the funding! :)
Story rich DRM-free games - http://fireflowergames.com/

12 hours to go now for our Kickstarter and we're soooo close to that second stretch goal!!!


If anyone wants to see those secret rooms, now is the time!! (The second stretch goal is to add 2 secret rooms to the mansion in the game.)



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Fingers and toes Crossed  (nod)

Thanks Slasher - we got the second stretch goal ;-D

Nice! :)
Story rich DRM-free games - http://fireflowergames.com/

Thanks FFP!  ;-D

Thanks everyone who supported us, the Steam store page is now live for anyone wanting to wishlist:


Completely forget to tell everyone that a teaser demo is now available!  It's short, designed to give you just a taste of the plot, style and characters you will encounter..

Available on Steam and Itch:


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New teaser trailer released:


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The Corruption Within release date has been announced:

9th June 2021

Less than a month to go before you can unravel the mystery in this psychological thriller set in Victorian England!


(We already sent out a Kickstarter update and some people have replied, but if anyone wants an Itch key rather than Steam, please feel free to PM me here on the AGS forums before 8th June.)