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Author Topic: AdventureJam 2022 has moved to and is about to begin  (Read 729 times)

Hi folks,

A short heads-up: AdventureJam 2022 is about to start on – not Gamejolt as in preceding years – over here: .

It seems that more than 700 participants have signed up already, although I doubt that several hundreds of entries will come about at the end to be voted on.

If you can come up with a flight-themed adventure (and, of course, if you write your adventure in AGS), you could perhaps double-dip and place it as an entry to MAGS June, too.
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I submitted an AGS game to this one. It's kinda King's Questy, so if you're into pretty fantasy forests, you should have fun with it :).

I'll add it to the AGS database once I decide to stop updating it.

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Very fun game, Honza. The Pig King rules.

Engrossing story, fun puzzles - you killed it once again Honza!

At fullscreen the grahics look blurry but in windowed mode they are fine.

Amazing how much work you've done in just 2 weeks - even at full-time 8-0
The game feels complete.

Minor oversight:
Spoiler: ShowHide
Tarik keeps asking "any luck finding the key I lost?" after you found it.

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Thanks, guys! And thank you for the bug report Creamy, fixed it in my local version, should be uploading it with a new update soon-ish.

Somehow, I've missed this. Currently, there are over 100 entries, and voting is almost finished. There seems to be many good games in here! I'll be checking out Honza's and Fernewelten's games for sure, and some others look inviting, as well.  (nod)

Unfortunately, I only have one tiny room to show for this year's; but, hopefully, I will be able to present a second room after the vote has ended.

The results have been out for a week and The Witch's Lullaby ranked #1 :-D! Still planning to make some updates to it, but hoping to add it to the AGS website in a foreseeable future (*hoping* being the key word ;)).

All the games in the top 10 or so are worth playing. My personal favorite is unsurprisingly The Telwynium Book Two, but there's a lot of really fun games - I can also recommend Where Wolf?, The Gay Agenda, Stowaway, Oh My God and Last Christmas.

EDIT: I almost forgot Ghost V! Liked that one a lot too, it's light on puzzles, but it has great retro sci-fi atmosphere.
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Congratulations, Honza! Looking forward to playing it. Will eventually play all the games you backlog is full these days.

[H]opefully, I will be able to present a second room after the vote has ended.

And now I've done it. The game sports TWICE the rooms (i.e., it used to have one room, now it has a whooping two of them.) :-D 

After Ian has escaped the Park Deck, he flees to a technical space outside the tomato factory. Lots of trolleys leave that factory and head either for a freight terminal or a recycling facility, as the case may be. How can Ian use that to his advantage?

Includes two additional mini games.

Get the game from itch and tell me how far you come with the puzzles.