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Big list of missing script properties

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Crimson Wizard:
MISSING SCRIPT PROPERTIES - these are properties that set or get something that is already implemented in the engine, but just does not have means to know its value or change it in script.

Please help gather a list of such properties, grouped by object type. In many cases that would be super-simple to add readonly properties (ones that can tell you certain value). Changeable properties are less easy, because they often require to add values to savegame, but they are also should be mentioned.

NOTE: this relates to only things that are already in AGS, not completely new features.
For example:
* you can set a property in the Editor, but cannot read or set it in script;
* there is a script function that changes object's state, but no way to get what current state is.

Such list will be very useful, because engine contributors get reminded about them only once in a while, and these requests got forgotten in the presence of more critical tasks.
I would like to make a table in the first post, which lists the required properties, and status of their implementation.

PropertyTypeCommentStatusButtonAnimatingbool, readonlyfrom Animate()3.4.1Frameint, readonlyfrom Animate()3.4.1Loopint, readonlyfrom Animate()3.4.1Viewint, readonlyfrom Animate()3.4.1CharacterFollowedCharacterCharacter*readonlyfrom FollowCharacter()GUIBackgroundColorintBorderColorintMouse (alternatively make new static CursorModes struct)Animating[]bool, readonlyFrame[]bool, readonlycurrent animation frame (if any)ModeAnimated[]bool, readonly?array property, get/set whether particular cursor is animatedModeAnimatedOnlyOnHotspots[]bool, readonly?ModeAnimatedOnlyWhenMoving[]bool, readonly?ModeView[]intarray propertyget/set VIEW for the modeModeHotspotX[]intarray propertyget/set hotspot X for the modeModeHotspotY[]intarray propertyget/set hotspot Y for the mode

I'm very much happy to see the emergence of this topic.
To bless this newest thread I have a report to do just now.

Currently the buttons lack about these essential properties :

A) readonly bool Button.Animating
B) int Button.Frame
C) int Button.Loop

This is another report to do so far.
I suppose that if the object's property is available in the editor, it should be available in script too.

Actually, you can change the border color of a list box only inside the editor.
You can change the background color of a GUI only inside the editor.

The game version number. Would be useful to show on a title screen etc. so it's easy to figure out what version of the game a player has when analysing bugs.

Crimson Wizard:

--- Quote from: cat on 18 Jan 2017, 19:57 ---The game version number. Would be useful to show on a title screen etc. so it's easy to figure out what version of the game a player has when analysing bugs.

--- End quote ---
Hmm unfortunately it's not saved into the compiled game, but I guess it may be worth adding.


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