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Author Topic: Grand Kitchen Escape (MAGS-style game)  (Read 1410 times)

Grand Kitchen Escape (MAGS-style game)
« on: 01 May 2018, 17:09 »
“Grand Kitchen Escape”
is ready for download now.

This started as a MAGS game (see this March), but I found out that I didn't know nearly enough of animating animals to make a proper job of it. I wasn't willing to spoil the gameplay with grotty animations, so I didn't enter the competition as planned and learned animating instead.

Now I'm ready to release the game, and the cat and the dog move better than the human does!

This adventure features:
  • A choice between three player characters
  • A minigame (opening a safe)
  • Specially composed and recorded background music
  • High-res graphics (more or less: it's 800x600) prepared in Inkscape
  • bugs (probably - if you find one, tell me) and other paraphernalia.

It does not feature much gameplay, unfortunately: If you know the correct places to click on, it's quite short. I can only suggest staying in the kitchen as long as possible instead of escaping. :) You'll be rewarded with in-jokes etc. Have you found the philosophical drawer yet?

Yes, all the player characters do have a chance of escaping, each one in a different way.

  • Right-click on things to make your player character look at them
  • Left-click to make them use them.
  • Move the mouse to the top to make the game menu appear.

Epilepsy alert: The main screen features a ceiling fan that blinks/flashes when turning. To avoid that flashing, move the mouse to the top in the starting screen and hit the button "Flashless". A tick should appear after the word then. You need to do that on the starting screen since the later screens don't feature this button.

Download the game here

Link to the entry in the AGS game directory

Some spoilers:
How do you open the locked cabinet?
Spoiler: ShowHide
 Only Kevin can. With a key, of course.

And where's that?
Spoiler: ShowHide
At the curtain

I looked, and it wasn't.
Spoiler: ShowHide
Look very diligently.

What's the secret combination?
Spoiler: ShowHide
It changes in each game, sorry about that.

And how do I get it?
Spoiler: ShowHide
Play a kind of “Mastermind” game. The number of green letters gives the number of symbols that are in the correct position. If you are persistent enough, you only need to get 7 symbols right to open the safe.

How does Kitty move around?
Spoiler: ShowHide
When Kitty is on the floor, he won't pay attention to cabinet doors. However, when he's in reach, he will jump on some of the cabinets if you click on the corresponding doors. Other destinations work, too: you should be able to figure out what works with this hint in mind.

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