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Hi, Sorry for not posting in a while, I wasn't sure whether to do this on account of the current global crisis and the appropriateness of my proposal but I after some thought I decided to dust down this Fotoshop Friday thread and open it up to anyone at any time to post any humorous photoshops's making light of the current crisis. For obvious reasons its important to keep all your entries in reasonably good taste, not potentially controversial and generalistic. Although I think there is some relief to be had in making light of all this please remember that there is a real crisis unfolding that is effecting real people so please consider that with your entries.

If anyone feels making light of the situation no matter how generalistic and considerate entries are,  is inappropriate then I will stop the subject theme and ask others to discontinue to post anything related and delete any already posted entries.

Some aspects to think of while thinking about your photoshops: toilet roll, hand sanitizer, social distancing, lock downs, supermarket chaos, elbow bumping, dog walking and so on

There is no time limit, post as many and at any time, no voting required

Well, to get the ball rolling here are a few I made earlier,  yes I know the toilet roll theme is wearing thin at this stage but most of these where made a couple a weeks ago or so when it was still relatively fresh

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They are hilarious! I hope you are okay if I send them to friends and family.

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howdy cat, how are ya holding up there? .. Of course your more then welcome to share , wasn't a need to even ask :)

Here is another.