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Happy Halloween! Neofeud is on sale :)

Here's one of the recent reviews:

"Holy 90s adventure revival, Batman. Neofeud is a non stop feast of deja vues of interesting but arguably worse games from the 90s like Noctropolis, Harvester or I Have No Mouth and I Have To Scream, done mainly by a (arguably very very intelligent) guy that is from Hawaii and works as a robotics teacher in a probably difficult place - meaning, what you see in the game are things that probably he has been living there. The best part though is how he mixes all the 90s "cd rom multimedia" cyberpunk aesthetic and how he runs with it all along. And the game is very well written, very fair (for the moment at least) and has atmosphere in spades."

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Neofeud is 70% off again! What are you waiting for!? :D 

And at long last, Neofeud Steam trading cards are now available! Go from Nano-Augmented Hobo to Cyborg Wage Slave to Neofeudal Monarch-CEO and finally Six Billion Dollar Baller! :D

In addition, I'm currently experimenting with creating a Neofeud card game using the art I've spent years painting. Maybe something in the vein of indie cyberpunk card game 'System Crash', which I really liked and am still playing during downtime.

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