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Need graphic and engine master.
« on: 08 Apr 2017, 22:14 »
"Book of names" - Post-apocalyptic 2d adventure game.
If there would be person mastering AGS enough I would like to implement also RPG elements or ACTION (shooting, casual mini-games).
Positions Available:

Graphic designer 2d - style - subject to discuss with Graphic. Maybe classic style like in "Universe" game, maybe realistic - based on photographs. Well, that will be your task...
AGS Editor (URGENT) - "expert" from AGS engine to put elements together in working game (I hope parenthesis are VISIBLE :p ). Depends on his skills I will be able to modify gameplay (more or less).
Game Design and Writer - This is "my" part. However, I am always open for suggestions and team feedback. I have complete Storyline, Synopsis, and game design doc of game at this moment. I will be happy to present my work to interested individuals upon private conversation.

Will be essential to present any work samples (graphic) - not exactly here. I need people who want to finish game and be proud of results. Target is to make something good enough we could sell. Would be fantsastic if you would have any experience but is not essential.
In a future:
Sound Designer - I do not plan opera... Just sounds and background motive.
I would be happy to finish game in 6 months after creating proper team. I am flexible I realize also it can take longer. We can start ASAP if I will have ASG EDITOR - we can made prototoype with placeholders for graphic later.
Interested people can reply to this thread or contact me via PM. I would like to arrange short voice conversation at the very beginning to introduce ourselves and exchange essential knowledge.

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Re: Need graphic and engine master.
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Hi you still need help?, im an artist, I can desing backgrounds, Characters and animations. I draw a lot of styles but I love pixel art the most for 2D games. I`m not full time to this but in my free time i love to do it.