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Re: AGS 3.4.1 - RC 3 (new release candidate)
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Today I've upgraded from the original RC2 release to this new RC3 release and I'm getting the follow errors when trying to build the game:

Note: Ignore the GUI related one, that's just AGS being silly (and has been there forever).

Am I doing something wrong? I deleted the compiled folder and tried rebuilding all files just to make sure, but alas, same output. Seems the game compiles successfully and I'm able to run it.

Could this be an anti-virus issue? I've added exceptions for the folder in which RC3 resides.

Do you actually have Windows Game Explorer integration enabled?
BTW, maybe you need to add exceptions for game project's folder, not Editor's folder.

Re: AGS 3.4.1 - RC 3 (new release candidate)
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Thanks for the speedy reply! I already had anti-virus exceptions for the game project folder in place from using previous versions of AGS, so I don't think that's the cause.

In AGS 'enable Game Explorer integration' is set to false.

*edit: Okay, I have no idea how but restarting my PC fixed the issue. Maybe the anti-virus exception didn't kick in until reboot. Sorry to waste your time and thanks again for these amazing updates!
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